That’s One Long Hill

That’s One Long Hill

21 PAX successfully dodged an onslaught of vehicles this morning and shepherded our FNG, Red Stripe, through his first workout. None of it was pretty, but it was certainly interesting.



  • Head up Little Ave and cut across 51, run to the crosswalk, push the button, wait awkwardly with 21 dudes for the walkie sign, cross 51
  • Circle up by our police escort in the Pet Supplies parking lot
  • COP (all IC): LSS x10, IW x10, Mtn Climber x10, Low Slow Merkin x15
  • Run towards Cabo’s, stopping at every crosswalk for 5 HR merkins
  • Take Carmel Commons across Carmel and plank at Bannington for instructions
    • Run down Bannington hill to street at the bottom past the bottom and up a little bit
    • 5 burpees
    • Run back up the hill
    • 5 HR merkins
    • Do this all for five rounds (triple nickle) three rounds ($0.13)
  • Continue down Carmel Commons to parking lot and large rock pile on the left
  • Form 7 groups of 3 for grinders
    • P1 – curl and press lifting rock
    • P2 – start lunge walk around set of 3 islands
    • P3 – run from P1 to P2, take over lunge walk, P2 back to P1 to take over the rocks, and so on
    • Once you get all the way around with lunge walks, switch to bear crawl
  • Avoid cars on Carmel, avoid cars in Carmel Crossing parking lot, cross 51 at the CC crosswalk
  • Gather at the base of the deck
    • 5 donkey kicks
    • Run up ramp and across the flat to next level
    • Repeat to the top
  • AYG down the stairs and back to launch
  • COT, FNG naming, BoM



YHC picked up our FNG, Andrew, at his house at 0515 and headed towards Charlotte Catholic for another muggy morning of pain fun. Without any prompting, he came out of the garage with a towel and water bottle — more prepared than I’ve seen any other FNG; good thing because Centurion is definitely an aggressive way to start an F3 career. Merlot may, or may not, have been spilled (all I know is bushes were involved) and he put in a damn solid effort and earned the name Red Stripe (Mississippi State grad — almost got Hotty Toddy; wife and 2 kids; Forest Hill elder; Air Force vet; grew up in Jamaica). Red Stripe already knew quite a few faces upon arrival and hopefully will be back soon to get to know some more. Welcome, brother.

As for the workout, the day started as many do in Area 51:

  • Chelms poked the bear the night before, trying to stir up trouble as any good (former) Site Q should.
  • Scabby ran in not even breathing hard.
  • Hightower showed again, getting stronger every time — consistency pays.
  • I learned how his uncle, Utah, got his F3 name this morning; funny story, ask Utah sometime #polygamistButNotReally — getting to a workout early pays, chance to chat while the brain still works.
  • Champagne grumbled gently reminded us that this is not Fast Twitch, this is a boot camp, etc.
  • Toolbag dropped some trash talk that No Show was going to be a no-show again about 30 seconds before No Show showed.
  • Tagalong showed up wearing his bright orange Dolphins shirt. Still not sure if it is cotton, but it sure looks warm.
  • Shrinkwrap bragged about how he has been practicing his cadence counting at home. We’ll have to see it to believe it.
  • Rachel pointed out that Champagne wouldn’t know a Fast Twitch workout if he saw one based on his attendance record at said AO.
  • Runstopper wore a perfectly color coordinated outfit (sans tights — must be summer).
  • Chelms jumped the gun went out hot and worked his way back to the 6 slowly but surely pretty quickly.
  • Ickey Shuffle reminded us all of his imaginary holiday called No Burpee Something-or-Other. We ignored him. He probably ignored my call for burpees.
  • Rachel and Lorax raced for pole position on the hill set with Brilleaux, Uncle Phil and a few more nipping at their heels.
  • There was much confusion when anything involving partners is called, even moreso today since it involved 3 (most of this confusion was admittedly the Q’s fault).
  • Runstopper pointed out YHC’s lack of color coordination.
  • Cars did not cooperate and a lot of people were headed somewhere at 0535 in the morning.
  • COT revealed the highest count of badass Respects at an AO in South Charlotte (Chelms, Shoe, Champagne not quite yet, Snuka) on a Friday morning. Less than usual, but 3 is still solid.

It was basically everything you might expect of a morning at Centurion. The most unusual thing about this morning was YHC at a Centurion workout. Definitely has been too long. Too many guys I look up to and that I enjoy working out with to let habit/bias (aka The Brave) keep me away so long. Recommend you also remember that this summer and try to mix it up a little.

Definitely seems like there is a lot more traffic on 51 and on Carmel than I remember there being. Seemed like every turn we made we were dodging vehicles in every direction. 21 is a large herd of PAX to move across those streets and YHC definitely could have done a better job of managing it. Next time we will just stay nice and cozy on campus.

Cut the hill set short today based on time when I realized this was actually going to be a Fast Twitch workout if we spent the whole damn time just running that hill. It’s definitely no Murderhorn, but that is one long hill. Downside, we didn’t complete our triple nickel. Upside, we had time for one quick sprint up the parking deck.

Enjoyed the time with the PAX of A51 this morning and hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day. Please remember to take a moment out of your time this weekend to remember the men and women of our armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedom we often take for granted.



  • Memorial Day Convergence at RockZero – tomorrow (Saturday) – 7 AM – Calvary Church
  • Memorial Day Convergence / Patriot 5K – Monday –
  • Leukemia Lymphoma Society Charity Dinner on Wednesday, June 13th – Bout Time’s wife, Laura Palmer, is the keynote speaker. Couldn’t find info online so see Cooter for details (I think he is the one who announced it).
  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:




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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:23 pm - May 26, 2018

I would like to think I was with the six due to this being my 5th straight day posting or because I care for the PAX but reality is I have slowed down with age. Important to take care of body and eat/drink properly. Snuka shows how to do it – WD keeps pretty close To the front every workout #Respect

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