Lucifer’s Ladder

Lucifer’s Ladder

18 men at Kevlar.  TR wasn’t there.  Again.   No more moobs Friday.  Not fun Friday.   He would’ve probably needed it too.  #selfish

We ran 2.3 total.  Mostly uphill.  We lifted rocks.  Some did burpees, others opted for Merkins.  Lots.   Of.   Merkins.   Squats.  Stomaché.  Dry Dogs.  You name it.  We did it.  It was amazing.

No records were set today but real men showed up.  Huge men.  Yuge.   Not the queer-like gentleladies that show up at the other Friday AOs.

Observations are only read by those that need lifting up.  However, I will do my best:

  • Busch barely ever shows up.   When he does he makes us all look bad.  Proud of you.
  • Bulldog opted for merkins over burpees today.  I love making an impact on people.  Burpees are lame.
  • Pop Tart lamented ALL MORNING about his beer mile loss.  Try harder.  Drink faster.  Seems easy.  BTW, saw OrangeWhip staring at your biceps.  Weird.
  • Sunshine is 18.  Dude doesn’t cheat on a rep.  Haven’t had a chance to talk to him much but I can get that changed soon enough.  Cheating on reps that is……
  • Didn’t hear Puddin flatulate once today.  Not enough stomachè called I guess.  Thank the Lord
  • I called the mountain climber the running man.  Blame the lack of booze.
  • FNG gave us more ammo than anyone I can remember in 6 years.  He also exclaimed, “Should’ve know better than to come and work out with a bunch of white boys”.  We named him Ziggy.  Terrible.  Where is TR during times like these?   Wtf man.  Horsehead texted later in the day saying he liked Black & Mild.  Way better than Ziggy.  What say you?


Check somebody else’s B.B. for announcements.   Can’t believe I did this much.  #overachiever


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Iron HorsePosted on10:19 pm - May 26, 2018

Worth the read – but not an early morning wake up. Spack, the early onset dementia is becoming more pronounced.

OrangeWhipPosted on6:08 am - May 27, 2018

Now this is the kind of BB I need in my life at 2am in Carolina Beach after mixing beer and liquor while sitting on the pot. Thank you.

1. I was staring at his biceps, I thought no one would notice. Has he always had those tats by the way? Have they always felt that firm?
2. The merkin people needed to get called out way more – Witch Doctor did burpees erry round by the way
3. Black and Mild is amazing. Not sure we can do that though. Ziggy is solid.

Strong lead today, or whatever day it was. Not sure how you managed to have 90% of the workout be uphill but ya did.

High TidePosted on1:48 pm - May 30, 2018

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