2018 SPEED FOR NEED – Race #10 – Cannoli Run

2018 SPEED FOR NEED – Race #10 – Cannoli Run

By the time YHC arrived at St. Philip Neri Church in Fort Mill the rain had stopped and the clouds were parting, just in time for the pre-race festivities at the SPN Festival. Not long after setting up the tent and planting the shovel flag the FIA Fort Mill ladies and Vuvuzela arrived, ready to roll with Jessie & Luka in the Cannoli Run. Then Bolt lined us up in the front of the pack and we were off for 5 winding km and a few cannolis on the way. Jessie & Luka are both SFN veteran Track Commanders but this was the first event for the FIA Fort Mill ladies, all of whom seamlessly represented the mission of Speed For Need – fostering inclusion and raising awareness of those with special needs through participation in fitness events. Jessie’s mom told YHC that this was such a fun, high energy experience for her, complemented by her enthusiastic drivers and the cheering spectators offering high fives and words of encouragement. Jessie was smiling and laughing most of the way, especially over the many speed bumps and the fast downhill sections. As for Luka, well, Vuvu and Penny Pincher sped off at a championship pace from the start. The only time YHC caught up to them was on the turnaround where Strava will show that I turned around early just to run with them for a while and snap a few photos.

Some impressions from our FIA partners:

  • The joy on Jessie’s face was my favorite part. Her smile is the best! Helping Jessie participate in the race was so cool, especially with my FIA gals!
  • Pushing children with special needs adds purpose to my race and makes it much more meaningful. I love seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces and their parents’ as they watch them accomplish something extraordinary.
  • I loved seeing the whole running community come together to bring Jessie and Luka an amazing experience. It’s a small act of kindness that has a real impact and it makes you forget the differences in this world.
  • Pushing Jessie was a privilege that brought me joy, humility, and gratitude. The joy on Jessie’s face was unforgettable! I definitely want to participate in another SFN event soon.

We agree and we hope to see everyone again at another SFN event soon. Please check the calendar at www.speedforneed.org. Next up: Run for Holland on May 26 in Spruce Pine then the May 28 Patriot Festival 5K at Southpark Mall. Come out and get involved, foster inclusion, raise awareness, and ask yourself, who pushes who?

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