Pre-blast: #CONCERT4BENNY at Peak 51

  • When:05/22/2018
  • QIC: Benny

Pre-blast: #CONCERT4BENNY at Peak 51

Hey, what are you doing on Thursday? While there are a lot of high-quality workouts throughout Area 51, you should really show up to Peak 51, as we have a special Q — our brother Benny will be on Q.

Kinda sorta.

As a refresher, Benny was hit by a car back around MLK Day President’s Day on a training run for a marathon. Which one? That’s hard to remember, because as we all know, Benny had about 167 different races and events he was training for at the time. Anyway, after the accident, he had to have surgery to insert some metal rods in his leg and has been on the road to recovery ever since.

But, as for this Thursday, he had requested the date earlier this year, before the accident, as it’s the 1-year anniversary of his VQ.

So, we’re going to honor that, and honor him.

Benny has crafted a #Weinke, and Sensei and YHC will be leading the PAX through it. #SpoilerAlert: Jack Webb is on the list.

We’re also about 98 percent sure he’s going to come out for COT at the end. Obviously, a lot depends on how his legs are doing Thursday morning, but, he’s going to do his best to get out.

Also, YHC is trying to call in some favors to have Sir Elton John show up for a special live performance of “Candle in the Wind.” It’s not looking great, but a lot can change between now and Thursday.

Anyway, here’s to hoping you’ll show up just to show your support and show him that he’s missed, plus you’ll get a quality workout, which will feature Jack Webb.

So, show up to Matthews Elementary School on Thursday:

  • The Slim Fast 5K of Excellence (aka the pre-run) kicks off at 4:50am.
  • The #Concert4Benny main event starts at 5:30am.
  • COT with our brothers from Sparta at 6:15am.


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