I can’t tell, but my wife can.

I can’t tell, but my wife can.

You are welcome.  They say when a bird craps on you its good luck.  Well on a quick walk with the dog after the workout, I got bombed square on the top of the head.  Luckily it was dead on and the mess sort of stayed in the hair.  Feel bad for guys like Purell as that would have been a drippy mess.  Anyway – your welcome because I think some of that luck will head your way today just for posting with me this morning, although you probably didn’t feel lucky on lap 5.


16 men posted up at Death Valley this morning for a little work out in the muggy swamps of South Charlotte Middle School. Here’s how it went.


Jog over to day care center for COP.

Merkins, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Merkins, & Imperial Walkers.  Header was there, and I know he loves a lot of merkins.

Jog back over to the cars, plank up and count off in 4’s.  Each team grab a 50lb sandbag and head to the football field.  Line up in the end zone.

P1 does lunges with the sandbag.  The other 3 run to midfield, 5 merkins and return.  Flapjack for 4 rounds so each PAX gets the lunges in.

Team sandbag carry 400m around the track.

Back in end zone:  P1 holds bag extended over chest and does flutter kicks.  The other 3 run to mid-field for 10 LBC’s.  Repeat for each PAX.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 Planks while partner rests sandbag on back.  the other 3 run to midfield for 10 merkins and return.  Rotate through all 4 guys.  Some of the planters hit a few merkins and 6″ holds.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 does Sandbag Burpees: (Lift sandbag from ground to overhead after merkin portion of burpee).  The other 3 run to midfield for 10 merkins and return.  Rotate for all 4.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 holds sandbag locked out overhead (Unbroken style) while the other 3 run to midfield for 10 Dry Docks and back.  Flap jack for all 4 PAX.

Grab bag and head out to the Semi-Gloss palace…….  Oh wait.  Spackler requests another team sandbag carry.  Easy enough.

Team sandbag carry 400m and back up to the parking lot.

3 minutes of Mary:  Flutter, Freddy Mercury, & Protractor.



While the count-off in groups of 4 is generally a confusing mess because guys can’t remember there number or how to count, its a nice change of pace to shake up the teams a bit from the guys you might normally run with.  Schmedium and Smokey were on my team and after 6 or 7 weeks in Smokey asked him if he can tell the difference now that he was posting regularly.  He said he can’t, but his wife can.  Smokey wisely skipped asking for further details.  Don’t worry Schmedium you are getting faster, it’s always going to feel hard.  My team was also struggling to keep up with Purell – while he carried the sandbag he was still pulling away from us on the track.

Laronda and Dollywood were smoking around the track carrying the bag as well.  I guess thats the benefit of your age starting with “twenty…”

I noticed when I unloaded the car that one bag was about 10lbs less than it should be.  Not sure which group was benefiting from the leaking sand.  Might have to cut that one open and add some weight back to it before the next outing.  I think I go through half a roll of duct tape every time I bring those bags out just to repair them.

Everyone was moving hard out there today and sticking fairly close on the track.  Carrying those bags never gets easier.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for the take out.



5th Annual Pre-Memorial Day Convergence.  Saturday, 7am at Rock Zero (Calvary Church).  Always the best workout of the year.  Come and honor those who have sacrificed for our country while we work hard and read three Medal of Honor citations.


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Ickey ShufflePosted on7:53 pm - May 23, 2018

I hadn’t been to DV in quite a long time, and Alf always brings the thunder, so I expected this morning to be tough but enjoyable. It ended up about as much fun as being trapped in a Mini Cooper with Kevin Spacey.

    AlfPosted on9:27 pm - May 23, 2018

    Just to better understand; which Kevin Spacey are you thinking of? The one covered in raw sewage after escaping Shawshank? The creepy kid stalker from American Beauty? or the Democrat from House of Cards?

      Ickey ShufflePosted on11:01 pm - May 23, 2018

      The one that’s in legal trouble for sexually assaulting dudes. Andy Dufrense was played by Tim Robbins.

        SpacklerPosted on12:06 am - May 24, 2018

        Great work Alf. I knew it wouldn’t take much to get you all riled up for that 5th lap. Just glad I was able to convince my team we didn’t have to win the lap AGAIN given we had already won 3 of the previous 4 laps…..but who is counting. Can’t believe Gloss hasn’t chimed in yet since the comments on this B.B. took the dark turn towards Mini Coopers. I won’t even mention the other stuff. Gross

HorseheadPosted on10:20 pm - May 23, 2018

Kevin Spacey was in Shawshank?

AlfPosted on10:25 pm - May 23, 2018

I guess he wasn’t. But Tim Robbins covered in crap reminds me of Spacey.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on4:10 pm - May 29, 2018

I am only encouraging Alf by commenting but I bet he replaced TR with KS to encourage comments so he could get his BB on the leader board. Veteran move.

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