Murph Season Is Upon Us

Murph Season Is Upon Us

20 men (including one brave 2.0) went on a field trip to Davie Park for a Murph-style beatdown.


Workout started 30 seconds early because Goonie’s watch is on Lombardi Time. The Q almost didn’t make it due to misplaced car keys, but fortunately rolled into the parking lot in the M’s minivan at 5:29am. After a quick disclaimer we got going with the warmup…

Burpees 10x OYO

SSH 20x

IW 20x

Mountain Climbers 10x

Merkins 5x


We then moseyed to Davie Park, stopping at every few light poles to knock out some squats until the six caught up. Upon arrival at the playground we partnered up for some work…

Partner #1 – runs lap from playground down to main park gate at bottom of hill

Partner #2 – MiniMurph w/ 5x Pullups (or Dips or modified Rows on the swings); 10x Merkins; 20x Squats…repeat until Partner #1 shows up, then flapjack

After three rounds of this, we added in LBCs (50x) to give the PAX a breather, then knocked out two more rounds before moseying back to South Charlotte Middle for 60 seconds of Mary.



Extensive chatter / sass from the PAX upon the Q’s arrival this morning, but everyone seemed to fall in line after the burpee ambush during warmups. Was pretty bummed to find out the new Davie Park playground has removed all the monkey bars…pull-up opportunities were few and far between but the PAX adapted well. The woods between South Charlotte Middle and Davie gave off a foul odor at a few spots, hopefully that doesn’t get worse or we might need to take a break from field trips until whatever just died has completely decomposed. Great to see a 2.0 in the gloom, Spidey crushed it out there.



Keep Transporter and his wife in your prayers

Pre-Memorial Day convergence on Saturday (5/26) at 7am at RockZero site

Memorial Day convergence on Monday (5/28) at Esplanade building in South Park: 630am workout followed by Patriot Festival 5k at 730am (M and 2.0 friendly), contact Little Mike for more details

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GummyPosted on4:24 pm - May 21, 2018

Great crowd at Base Camp this morning. Lots of old timers in various states of fitness. My thoughts:
– 10 burpees out of the gate is decidedly un-moderate. I’ve lodged a complaint with the board.
– I introduded myself to two guys who basically said, “you’re an idiot, we’ve worked out together for years.” Sorry Jelly and Damn Gina – it’s not always easy to tell what the guys actually look like in the gloom.
– Strong representation from the Flatnin’ the Hills BRR team. We’re all excited to be taking the year off from the BRR and celebrating by going to moderate boot camps instead of running workouts.
– Two Teslas in the lot this morning which helps with my approach to never have the car in the parking lot that the bad guys would want to mess with.

High TidePosted on7:10 pm - May 21, 2018

The Murph is always in season, IMHO.
And, so are Area 51 shirts!
The Area 51 shirt order is open through this Thursday, May 24th.

Neon reflective shirts –

Traditional black shirts are also available (very stylish but not as visible):

JelloPosted on1:08 am - May 22, 2018

It’s Jello – you idiot! Good to be back where it all started.

JelloPosted on1:09 am - May 22, 2018

Hey, how many miles did we get? I think somewhere between 2.5 and 3

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