Modified Beast with Pavers – The Beast WON

Modified Beast with Pavers – The Beast WON

18 PAX joined YHC even though many had correctly guessed that we would carry some extra weight this am.  The heckling started exactly 6 days, 23 hours, and 15 minutes ago as Purple Haze noted last week how easy this week would be #firewood.   Then my own brother (pretty sure he was adopted from a pigmy tribe in the south Pacific) jumps on the pile right before we start this morning with a snarky comment about an easy workout.    They might think otherwise next time (and I should learn to ignore their taunts but not likely that will happen).

The Thang:

Grab two pavers and head out of the lot.  The Q promptly trips on the barrier next to the bus and smashes both pavers (saved me – now Beaver and I are the only two to trip on that damn thing).  Runstopper takes the PAX for some warm-up while YHC circles back to grab two more pavers.   No real damage #stuntman

COP – Warm up with SSH led by RS, and then merkins, mountain climbers, parker peters and man maker merkins.

Mosey to parking deck for the main event – Modified Beast.   Six trips up the parking deck (long ramp up to 3, down to other end of 3, half ramp up to 4, and stairs back to start) with 6 reps of called exercise at 6 stops (half ramp at 2, top of ramp at 3, end of level 3, top of 4, and back at bottom of deck.

  1. Squats
  2. Merkins
  3. Push presses
  4. Knee ups (these sucked as well with the pavers)
  5. Lunges
  6. Hand release burpees (that round hurt YHC)

Mosey down to parking lot at end of football field for a few minutes of Mary – shortened since the Q can’t remember the difference between a dolly and flutters.      We did dollies/flutters, flutters/dolly, rosalita and that was it (Q was smoked at this point and things were getty hazy).

Mosey over to parking lot in front of swimming pool.    20 push presses than bear crawl up the lot and run backwards back to bricks.   20 more push presses, bear crawl up and backward run down, 20 push presses and backward bear crawl up and backward run back.   Push presses and curls for 1 minute and then head back to the starting point for COT.


Well that sucked.  I completely smoked myself so I hope a few of you got your money’s worth.    You can tell the boss it’s Chelms fault if you have to take a nap this afternoon.   The pavers do it every time – carrying them for 45 minutes is aweful.   Add the Beast, burpee finish and Purple Haze’s call for the backward bear crawl up the parking lot cummulatively made it really suck.  I often confuse dollies and flutters and this morning was epic since I got them backward sequentially.   I was deep in the pain cave at that point and not thinking clearly at all.

Everyone pushed hard and the gap between rabbits and six was much less than I expected.  The pavers tend to even things out a bit.   I have a camera up to “protect” the pavers so don’t get any ideas about taking them out.     We only use a few times per year and those times are “special”.  Mermaid and Haze especially like the pavers.

Flutie parks his rental in the middle of the lot – I guess that’s how he does it now that he is living up north so he doesn’t get snowed in by the plows.   Please remember it only snows once per year in Charlotte and NEVER in May.  Next time someone parks a car in the middle of the lot we will flip it a few times to work the shoulders.



Memorial Day convergence on Saturday at Calvary and Patriot 5k at South Park Mall on Memorial day.

Please pray for Utah’s dad, who is in critical but stable condition at CMC.

Great take out by Hops – he’s starting to really get the hang of this praying thing (only took a year since he started his ministry).




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MermaidPosted on2:21 pm - May 18, 2018

Damn those pavers. Hope they stay safe in the hiding spot on the Charlotte Aquatics side of the parking lot behind that bush.

That Modified Beast sucked. Throw in the pavers for 45 and I was more than ready to see 0615. Hops asked for the time at 0607 and responded with, “I was hoping it was 0613.” Guess he was ready to get rid of the pavers too.

Strong Q from Chelms, well done. Except for the Mary calls that is. And, where was Shoe??

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:16 pm - May 18, 2018

I think Shoe had an appointment with his gynecologist.

PS – I went back and moved the pavers to a new safe space after posting the BB. Figured someone might get a bad idea. Protecting the PAX from becoming weak.

HopsPosted on3:37 pm - May 18, 2018

The pavers are always unsavory. While Chelms was securing two new bricks, Runstopper called SSH’s with the pavers….which I, of course, did not do. I don’t do those without bricks. Then Chelms, perhaps still discombobulated from the spill, calls Man Maker Merkins….without the merkins. Need to name whatever those were. “Chelms Makers”?
Champagne spiked his bricks so to lighten his load…called it a modification. #savvyveteran
Haze was toward the front all morning, but did complain about the short guys having more trouble with the steps…said that within earshot of Snuka & Flutie so to encourage the others.
Felt like I kept up with the pax until the H-R burpees round….I quickly became the six. Great Q Chelms…another diabolical twist to Tartarus, indeed.

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on4:17 pm - May 18, 2018

    Funny – Mermaid brought me a “special” paver one year on my birthday and I was the only one with a paver that day. We crossed 51 and started doing SSH’s in the parking lot. My quote “Mermaid, can’t you see I have a F#(%%ng paver in my hand.”

High TidePosted on5:31 pm - May 18, 2018

Oh! Have you heard?
The Area 51 shirt order is open now through Thursday, May 24th.
While it won’t help carry the pavers, it will up your sartorial game.

Neon reflective shirts –

Traditional black shirts are also available (very stylish but not as visible):

Purple HazePosted on7:58 pm - May 18, 2018

The Beast won indeed…up Tartarus with the pavers…very hurtful. A nasty idea Chelms. And I was good for about 5 push presses after the backwards bear crawl.

I won’t say “easy” again. Until the next time.

HIPAAPosted on2:00 am - May 19, 2018

Beautiful brutality in motion. From my view on the Six I didn’t see any quit in the Pax. A lot of sloppy form, but no quit. Credit to Hops, Champagne and Runstopper who as far as I can tell did every rep of every set with full ROM.

Humidity definitely a factor out there. Makes a big difference from just a week ago.

Bonus macabre touch of the day was moseying past the hospice at the 40 minute mark. Depending on your perspective, at that point it either started to look like a reasonable alternative to finishing the workout or a reminder that overall things could be worse. Either way a sobering and helpful reminder.

Nice Q Chelms. One of the toughest I’ve done.

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