Buckets, Rocks, Tires, Twerking?

Buckets, Rocks, Tires, Twerking?

YHC hears alarm go off this morning and then hears a whisper in ear receives a text that clown car partner Deflated is fartsacking today.  This is ok as it gave me extra time to do a quick scout of the area that Hooch brought us by during OT on his last Q that has some tires available to use and quickly update the weinke for today.

So with plan in place it is 5:30 and we have 16 Pax ready to go at Impromptu.  Quick mosey around parking lot in search of Jingles, Posse, or other pax that may come in on 2 wheels but seems all that will be in attendance are on time today.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Merkins


Grab a 5 gallon bucket with your partner and begin mosey to rock pile.  Each person grab 1 rock and insert into your bucket.  Down concrete path alternating at each light carry bucket overhead and complete 10 merkins.  Finish at the shed.  Complete some Mary while waiting for the 6.

With your partner grab some wall for people’s chair.  P1 remove a rock from the bucket and complete 20 x Overhead Presses.  P2 hold the bucket with single rock in at eye level.  Flapjack and complete 3 rounds each.

Mosey while alternating carrying the bucket down to football practice field.  Put buckets down and team up into group of 4’s.    3 groups find a tire and 4th group each person grab two buckets

Round 1: Groups on tires do partner tire flips back and forth.  Group with buckets go to end of concrete path with bucket carries and back.  Rotate through until each has chance to complete bucket carry.

Round 2: First group on tire do toe taps, 2nd group do box jumps, 3rd group do tire flips, 4th group bucket carry.  Rotate through until each has chance to complete bucket carry

Regroup with your partner and bucket of rocks and mosey back to parking lot.  At top of parking lot remove 1 rock from bucket.  P1 do squats while holding fence.  P2 use rock and complete 20 halos while wathcing partner twerk.  Flapjack and complete 3 rounds.

Mosey back with bucket of rocks.  Shed a single rock at rock pile by shed, and make a few stops along the way to gather the six.  Return final rock to pile and head back to COT.


  • Great work by group, provided something different and did not include potential for ticks/poison ivy from the logs in the woods
  • Early chatter from Fuse Box this morning related to method of which I received notification of fartsack from Deflated
  • Moneyball quickly looking for clarification on proper bucket overhead carry form.
  • Bottlecap not comfortable with watching partner twerks/squats and quickly decided to about face and look to parking lot
  • Halfback had flashes back to his brief stint at Crossfit with tire routine today.  Believe he even mentioned WOD.  Will be sure to send him monthly invoice of $199 for attending this Q
  • Believe Rockwell was doing tire flips with 1 arm today.
  • Based on story below appears we should be leaving the rocks on site https://nypost.com/2018/03/23/school-district-arms-teachers-with-buckets-rocks-in-case-of-school-shooter/


  • 3rd F Opportunity this Sunday 7:00 am at Five Stones Office, reading book of John.  Discussion this week is on chapter 12
  • F3 fundraiser for Sandbox on Friday June 8th from 8:00 – 10:00 pm at Lawson Pool.  $40/family includes pizza/beer
  • Remember to continue to reach out to Pax both in attendance and not, check in with them see how they are doing.  This is big part of the brotherhood we share and it goes along way.
  • Flash on Memorial Day will be at 6:30 with Popeye on Q, if you have not attended in the past this is by far one of the greatest Q’s of the year and offers great ability to remember those who gave their lives for us in the line of duty.
  • Commitment this Saturday being led by Fusebox – sure to be a clydesdale and 2.0 friendly workout “guarantees it”



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