Shuffling Through the Hills of The Haw

Shuffling Through the Hills of The Haw

The rain held off so 9 PAX joined me to run around the streets of Downtown Waxhaw and lay down some serious sweat puddles.

Warm up: Mosey to Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church on Jackson Street.  SSH x20 IC, Peter Parker x10 IC, Mountain Climber x15 IC , Plank Jack x20 IC, 30 second elbow plank hold, Mountain Climber x10 IC

The Thang:

to High Street–at every light pole, 3 Merkins, then 6, 9, etc., down to end of the street and back up to top-Total 84 Merkins

Repeat-this time with Jump Squats-total 84

Once completed, Plank work, Mary which consisted of LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Dolly, all x20 IC


Mosey across tracks-stop in parking lot where Heritage restaurant is-Merkins x5 IC, Wide Arm Merkins x5 IC, Stagger Merkins each arm forward x5 IC, diamond Merkins x5 IC


To S. Providence Street near road closed signs-Broad Jump burpees to every 2nd rock, Lunge walk every 2nd rock-Repeat until rocks ended-I believe each was completed 5 times

5 Squats IC, 10 Monkey Humpers IC, 15 Mary Catherines IC, 4 Monkey Humpers (car interrupted us as we were in the middle on the street)

Mosey towards Keith Jong Hill (otherwise known as Church Street)-stop at HMS Commercial HVAC lot-Plank Work, various 6 inches, 6 inch Plank Jacks x10 IC

To Bottom of the hill-Up to 1st cone and complete Carolina Dry Docks x10, then back to start

Next sequence-10 CDD, at next cone 20 squats, back to start

Next sequence-10 CDD, 20 squats, at third stop 30 LBCs, back to start

Final sequence-10 CDD, 20 squats, 20 LBCs, 40 plank jacks at Village Laundromat

Back to cars-Flutters x20 IC before time called


YHC went on a little reconnaissance mission prior to the start and was pleased that almost every side street doubled as a nice sized hill.  We didn’t run up all of them of course but there are many more to use at a later date for the faithful Floater regulars and for when I get another invite to Q.  Great group of guys as always.  It was quite a soaker out there due to the humidity but that didn’t stop the PAX from working hard.

Bottlecap-best fashion attire of the group. However couldn’t see due to fake glasses.      Moneyball-started a “grass sucks” chant during warm up.   Posse-happy that the form/wording police did not show today, was ready for payback   Recalculating-verified that his calorie watch is a sham #fakenews    Shake-N-Bake-new Waxhaw resident confirmed 8/10 locals are gluten free and can’t use his product on their chicken. #sad   Button-wondered aloud why there were two buttons at the workout, thought he had the button market cornered    Doughboy-Fortnite kill record is 3 🙁   His 2.0’s is 35     Fuse Box -despite PAX thoughts, stated that Schroeder is his favorite Peanuts character    Easy Button-glad he wasn’t named Hard Button #dirty

To recap:  The pace was fast. The six was never too far (unless that unnamed person was purposely slowing down).   Did not come close to my pre-workout threat of 4 miles.  No calorie records were broken today. No partner work.  Wearing an 100% cotton shirt was a bad idea.  Monkey Humpers in front on someone’s home did not get the cops called on us.  And as usual no train interruptions. Thanks again.


3rd F-Sunday morning Bible study at 7am. Five Stones Church-This week-John Chapter 12

June 8th:  F3 Pool party $40 per family-Lawson in Waxhaw



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