LBCs to catch your breath?? Shenanigans!!!

LBCs to catch your breath?? Shenanigans!!!

Homage to Kevlar and Orange Whip for pushing YHC to my breaking point and making me decide which direction I would go on 8/11/2017.. was it back to a sad clown lifestyle of smoking, fartsack, can’t run more than 100 yds, non 3rd F… or take the DRP, power through the 1st month of F3 with Aleve, in bed by 9 pm (or passed out on the couch) and back up by 4:55 am to post.  Since YHC is drafting this BB you can guess which direction I took for the F1 and now find myself at church every Sunday now with some top notch 3rd F individuals.  Hope to see you all at the F2 HH tonight as well.

Short story: 

5 miles at 8:30 pace, 90 Merkins, 40 Bomb jacks, 40 LBCs, 30 dips, 30 Squats, 30 Step-ups, 6 interval Wind sprints and, 3 sets of stairs.

The Long Story (aka:  The THANG)

  • 5:15 Disclaimer given hold for shoes to the tied and time to mosey
  • Right onto Trade Street
  • Left into Stumptown Park
    • 3 laps of Stumptown park walking loop with 10 Merkins and 10 Squats at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out of park and left on Trade St
  • Right on Matthews Station St down to Library
    • 4 laps of Matthew Station St Park with 10 Bomb Jacks and 10 LBCs at completion of each lap
    • LBC to hold for 6
  • Out to Matthews-Mint Hill Rd taking a left
  • Left on Ames Rd and right into Motorcycle shop parking lot
    • 30 wall step-ups
  • Mossey across the street to long parking lot between Ames and Trade street
    • Wind-sprints to jog to Wind-sprints to jog from light post to light post (Repeato to Trade street)
  • The Orange Whip circuit: 3 laps (up the stairs to backside of Seaboards over to Brakeman’s Coffee, turn right, turn right on Trade back to parking lot.)
    • 20 dips on the parking lot wall
    • 20 Declined Merkins with feet on the wall
  • Leave parking lot turning right onto N Trade and straight to Four Mile Creek Greenway
  • Left into the Greenway at an F2 pace Down to say good morning to every Spartan’s favorite Giraffes.
  • Turn around at Giraffes
  • Stop at Bridge.. All you got Sprint across the bridge and LBCs to catch your breath.
    • Yes… LBC to catch your breath. As a Gypsy I post all over F3 Nation.  Learned this one in Birmingham, AL at the Vulcan.  (Scam was on Q) one of the pax there explained to me that if you do LBC and focus on your diaphragm/breathing after sprints you will recover much faster.  Try it next time… it really does work and is a heck of a lot better than planking for the 6.
  • Continue on to the Softball fields turning right onto the path around the school back to the Shovel Flag.
  • Done!! 5 miles and exercises all neatly packaged into a 55 min workout so we could COT with Peak 51.

Love the format of Sparta.. Run until you think your lungs are going to jump out of your body and hitchhike home without you… then stop… give the lungs a break as you beatdown your muscles to just about failure… then stop… and do it all over again for 55 mins.

Its not easy at all..

The name of the AO is perfectly established for the #HIMs that decide to Shieldlock together here and post regularly putting in the work it takes to get better every day.

Thank you Smokey for taking us out at the combined Peak51/Sparta COT.


F3 Nation has a excellent AOs all over the place.  But for those that have read this far, you might want to take note of next week’s A51/UC Q line up at a few choice sites.

  • Monday: The Matrix (not for the faint at heart and you will be sore) Arena on Q
  • Tuesday: Thrive (YHC back on Q.. Christmas killed it this week.. My turn to see if I can turn it up a little more)
  • Wednesday: Gumby (Strange Brew back for Mobility stretching… seriously guys.. you have to try this one)
  • Thursday: Sparta (Thurston is being released back into the lineup after trying to kill us all at his last Q)
  • Friday: Pick an AO (for real… go to the Who is on Q and look at next Friday’s Q list. I mean seriously guys: in one day there is Thin Mint, Bottlecap, Hollywood, Lex Luthor, Spackler, Slim Fast and Nard Dog on Q. How can you go wrong at any one of those???)

SFN: Looking for F3 men to help support the Lake Norman and MECA races on 6/2 (See Exit 54 or Gapper for info)

Shirts:  order your A51 shirts now or miss out.

It’s an honor to be with you all in the Gloom.



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High TidePosted on7:51 pm - May 17, 2018

Have you heard? (or read above…)
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OrangeWhipPosted on9:05 pm - May 18, 2018

Ahhh brother! Such a great story that tells the true purpose of F3. Proud of you man and I wish I could have been there. Love that you did the old route you started on. Sparta is in walking distance to my house now so I plan to join you all the next week I’m in town.

I can’t believe you made such a change in less than a year. Inspiring to us all!

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