Hot, Muggy, & Sneaky 3 Miles

Hot, Muggy, & Sneaky 3 Miles

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12 PAX assembled in the gloom to start of their Thursday right. Here’s what they did:

Run around the parking lot for a warm up & circle it up



Low, Slow SquatX20


Run to Windyrush & wait for the 6

Monkey HumpersX20 IC

Run to Foxworth, gather the PAX

7’s on the hill, Mercans at the bottom, Squats at the top

Indian run back to Rea Rd.

Run to the playground

1 partner runs around the school, the other does 5 pull ups, 10 mercans, 20 squats X2

Change to 10 LBC’s, 20 Dollies, 30 Flutters

Back to the parking lot for 10 Fire Hydrants on each leg


PAX did an excellent job sticking together, despite the copious amount of backfiring from the Q due to a chicken burrito last night.  Also, when did Rea Rd become an obstacle course? There must have been 6 or 7 hazards called out by the PAX in less than 1 block.  Mailbox, shrubs, bus stop sign, narrow walk, firehydrant, another mail box…..


Memorial Day Convergence

Thanks to Marge & Queen for the opportunity to lead one of my favorite workouts.  I’ll see ya’ll back on Flag Day.


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