British Invasion!

British Invasion!

11 beasts braved a beatdown to some British beats at Meathead.



40 swings 10 clap push-ups

30 swings 20 wide arm push-ups

20 swings 30 military push-ups

10 swings 40 regular push-ups


40 teabags 10 upright rows
30 teabags 20 upright rows
20 teabags 30 upright rows
10 teabags 40 upright rows


Two handed Rounds :

30 secs – upright rows

30 secs – goblet squats

30 secs – overhead press

30 secs – combo of all three

Repeat x 3


One handed:

30 sec snatch right

30 sec snatch left

30 sec high pulls right

30 sec high pulls left

30 sec alternating swings



30 secs Louganis

30 secs Freddie Mercury no bell

30 secs flutter press

30 sec American hammer no bell

Repeat x 3


Thrusters and curls

1 thruster – 2 curls

2 thrusters – 4 curls

Up to 5 thrusters and 10 curls

Back down the ladder




Good crowd at Meathead today. Stone Cold was admiring his shadow in the streetlight swinging to “Don’t you think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart. The rest of us were sweating our butts off trying to complete 50 sets in the warm up. 30 seconds on the timer seemed a long time for some of the rounds but we pushed on and got it done. Definitely a few odd looks from the Elizabeth Lane moms watching us complete our ab workout in cadence to “Come on Eileen!” Enjoyed it and a pleasure leading!

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High TidePosted on7:54 pm - May 17, 2018

Well done, Bulldog. Wouldn’t have missed it but was called to Q at Peak 51.
Funny thing is, I’d made out a 30 sec timer workout for my next Q. Hmm, well see…

High TidePosted on7:54 pm - May 17, 2018

Oh! Have you heard?
Neon reflective Area 51 shirts –

Black shirts are also available (very cool but not as visible):

Orders available through May 24 only!

VoodooPosted on3:09 pm - May 18, 2018

Excellent Q, Bulldog. I kept hoping you would change exercises on a few of those timed rounds. No such luck. I also did not enjoy (or complete) the 100 merkins in the warm up, but in my mind I partnered with Alf and I’m sure he did extra.

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