Sing along if you know it

Sing along if you know it

Music from the 70s, stretching for the ages.  SubstiQ ready with new Devo.

Warm up:

Vinyasa – 1X slow to take time to de-kink, then 3X OYO to warm up

Meet @ Table Top

Main Thang:

LEFT: Lizard 45s

Hammy stretch 45s

Lizard Quad 45s

Vinyasa 1X OYO


Vinyasa 1X OYO


Meet in Table Top


LEFT: Bird dog/Cheetah 5X

Side Split 45s

Twist Side Hip 45s



Malasana 60s

Vinyasa 1X OYO

Meet in Table Top


LEFT: Pigeon 60s


Meet in Table Top


Cat Cow 5X

Seated twist 30s (L/R)

Prone shoulder flip 45s (L/R)

Vinyasa 1X OYO

Meet in Table Top


Shoulder across chest stretch 45s (L/R)


Single knee hug 45s (L/R)

Supine twist 45s (L/R)

Dead pigeon 45s (L/R)

Vinyasa 12X OYO


Happy baby 45s

Bridge 45s

Double knee hug 45s

Shoulder across chest stretch 45s



Savage Race is Saturday

Strange Brew on Q for shirtless MOBILITY stretching next Wednesday

Sparta moved to Matthews Elementary 5:15 tomorrow ~4mi running and boot camp: bring headlamp and gloves



Witch Dr was subbing for Strange Brew who was subbing for Booyah (anyone seen him recently?), but WD had a last minute plan change and so YHC dusted off the tabata stretch we’ve done before.  If you’re getting tired of it, or would like to recommend additions/deletions, please let me know.


Devo reminder: 7 tips for avoiding temptation: Pray, Use the Word of God, Understand Your Personal Weaknesses, Flee Temptation, Create an Accountability Network, Don’t be Discouraged, and Confess and Repent.


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