Know what I mean Vern? The Centurion at CCHS

Know what I mean Vern? The Centurion at CCHS

If my 54 year old memory serves me correct since this BB is 4 days old and delayed..

21 of the finest that Area 51 has to offer showed to put in some work last Friday. Much discussion amongst a few of the regulars were surfacing about Burpees, but YHC was having nothing of that. There were other plans in the form of the Vern.  I offered this up a couple of months ago and seemed to be a real crowd pleaser, so alas, here we go again.

The Thang:


SSH x 15

Cotton-Pickers x 15

Russian Hammer x 15

5 Rounds:

-Run 3/4 Mile back to parking lot

-10 CDD’s, run 100 yards

-20 Dips, run 100 yards

Oops, move marker/cooler over to the other road next to parking garage. Nervousness sets in with starting and movement of school buses. Good call as there is more light over there. Duly noted for next time.

-25 Merkins, run 100 yards

-30 LBC’s, run 100 yards

Rinse and repeat 5 x

Run 3/4 Mile and back to parking lot

This one hurts, perpetual motion for 45 minutes straight.


No time boys, sorry!

COT and announcements: Continue prayers and support for Jennings Palmer, B0utTime and family.


Margo says we ran 4 miles total, my calculations put us at 3.75, others beg to differ regardless.

Did 3 of the warm-up IC, just to show pax I can count, kind of…

There was mumble chatter, but spread out amongst the 21 today, most were too busy pushing it to notice though.

Strong work men, pleasure to be in your ranks. Great group of regulars and a few kotters too.




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