Wrong Way Running

Wrong Way Running

12 PAX were in for 5 sweaty miles at Blakovery.  It was 5:15 according to the fancy watches and 11 of us we ready to launch. After a quick consultation about the route, Bunker stepped up to lead the way. Just as we were off, a silver pick up sighting.  Without hesitation we left, knowing our Q would catch up. We were ready to tackle the hill of Ardrey Kell right from the start.


Run up Ardrey Kell toward the high school with plans on ducking into the neighborhood beyond the school.  We didn’t even make it past Lenox and Lash and appearing in the gloom was Bratwurst, lamenting how we were not following the route he posted at 5 am this morning.  Looking to correct the wrong way running, he dashed to the front to reclaim the Q and dub the route the reverse Landen Meadows.

Left on Community House, right into the Ballanmoor subdivision, through the Charlestonian type hood, winding our way to Landen Meadows and out of the neighborhood at Blakeney Racquet & Swim Club, left on Rea Rd back to the AO for stretching by Paper Jam.


Lessons learned this morning (1) if you want to lead a workout, show up on time and in the right place, (2) when it gets hot and muggy some PAX lose their shirt along the way and strip down to only their shorts when stretching, (3) in spite of the obvious benefits, no one is really up to the challenge of partner stretches, (4) goat yoga is really a thing.

Good to be back on Monday. Needed it this morning more than anyone will know. Thanks Fraiser for hanging back with me and Bratwurst for taking us out.

Depth Charge has the reigns of Swift tomorrow, it should be fun.

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