Railroad Track to Nowhere

Railroad Track to Nowhere

TLDR: Successful VQ with only one minor spill

Full Blast: YHC and WSP Clown Car arrived early to lead the circle of mumblechatter in a discussion about the origins of “if you build it, he/they will come” with FieldofDreams.

A very basic Disclaimer was given to the 23 PAX signing up to endure today’s activities. No FNG’s, only a couple Metro guy’s coming down to DMZ for this special occasion. Always great to have the Clemson allegiance rolling deep with representation from FratGirl, Cashback, and Hammer.

Partner up quickly (similar speed) so we can leave the parking lot without stretching. Only CheeseCurd seemed to need a stretch. We show up to put in work, stretch OYO. Mosey down Carmel and turn to go North up Colony. We hadn’t even made it to the first stop before one of the Metro guys was gawking at the homes on Colony and lost his footing, sending him to the pavement in a graceful tumble and roll. Upon his recovery, we learned that this happens to him on the reg (careful running in his proximity).

Halt at the Ballencourt cul-de-sac where first partner runs to the man hole cover and back while other partner does 10x Carolina Drydocks and 10x LBC’s OYO on repeat. Flap Jack for 2 cycles

Mosey to Amyington cul-de-sac where first partner Bear Crawls to the non-existent man hole cover and Lunge Walks back while other partner does 10x Merkins and 10x Freddy Mercury OYO on repeat. Flap Jack just once this time. Looking up from our Merkins, Leprechaun announced that the oncoming herd of lunge walkers resembled a dark and gloomy zombie PAX from the Walking Dead.

Mosey hallway to Sharon View before halting to give explanation on laying the Railroad Tracks: Single file line. First pax drops to low plank, second pax jumps over first pax runs 5-10 yards and gets in low plank as well. Third pax jumps over both pax runs additional 5-10 yards and gets in low plank. After all pax have gone, the first pax jumps over all the pax and returns to low plank. We cycled through 3 times before YHC requested Aquafresh to take the PAX to the corner for Plank until the 6 was in.

After everyone had enough of the plank, we crossed Sharon View to Indian Run up the hill to Town and Country. At this point I was concerned the prescribed beat down was not what the PAX ordered as the Indian Run took off in a steady pace up the hill. After a half mile of it, I feel we accomplished a proper tribute to the original occupants of our land.

From Town and Country we partnered back up to do a variation of Catch Me if You Can. 5 Merkins were the ‘catch up’ exercise. We stopped at each of the 3 intersections to do 10x WW2 sit-ups each. Plank was led again by Aquafresh upon reaching Carmel as YHC raced the 6 in. 10 count from Fratgirl before moseying back to the parking lot to complete our 3-mile loop (plus some cul-de-sacs).

Here we obtained 1 running sized rock each and headed off into the ball field where we circled up.

  • 5 burpees with an overhead rock press
  • 10x more overhead rock press
  • LBCs 20x
  • Rosalita 20x
  • The Flutter 20x


After the PAX accepted my VQ ability to call exercises in cadence we did a mosey with our beloved rock back to the original pile (some folks offloaded early thinking we were done) so we can line it up and sprint it in. Plank to fill the last 30 seconds because ‘nothing is wasted’

We ended with 2 announcements from AquaFresh about Memorial Day convergence and DMZ 5 year Anniversary on 6/11 with celebrity guest Q’s.

Blessed by the anointed take-out from ScratchandWin to close out COT.


Moleskin: Laying the Railroad Tracks was a risky strategy that started off fairly bumpy due to the resistance or inability to hold low plank (with the exception of CheeseCurd in fine form). PAX ultimately following his leadership and straightened out their varying forms of low, medium and high planks for a successful railroad track. Someone wiser that I once commented on proper form when building tracks: “If a railroad is bent, the train shall turn over; if a man’s character is bent, he shall turn over just like that train.”

First times are rarely what you might expect in your preconceived notions. Our normal PAX size in the low teens was nearly doubled today. Was it the fresh blood at the helm for VQ… one may never know. I’m just thankful I didn’t overhear anyone saying, “finished already?”

Let me close with one inspirational quote from our Nation’s 42nd President: “I may not have been the greatest president, but I’ve had the most fun eight years.” –Bill Clinton



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AquafreshPosted on1:37 am - May 15, 2018

Solid VQ Lewinsky. Bubba would have been proud, though he was more of a quantity over quality kind of guy, today we had both. Love to see some of that ole Metro/A51 trash talk back as we head to our anniversary on June 11. I had completely forgotten what Semi-Gloss looks like, good to see him plus some other new or very intermittent pax. And it is definitely summer as Runstopper has switched from capri tights to short-shorts. As siteQ I was just happy no one got a cracked fibula during “railroad tracks” and I now know how to get numbers – get the word out with Big Orange. We were only missing Hops to let us know if this qualified as as a bootcamp or not. Many more to come I’m sure.

Cheese CurdPosted on8:29 pm - May 15, 2018

Nice Q Lewinsky. Not only did this not qualify for a Boot Camp, I am not sure it counts as a workout. No SSH! No IW…what the heck! Although, I am happy that you finally called cadence…probably was the talk of the morning! But we did do a full 45, so you get credit for that!

Also, thanks for the kudos on proper form. I actually change from full plank to low plank when you came in yelling at the Pax…I just do what I am told.

Great V-Q

BugeaterPosted on10:07 pm - May 19, 2018

Solid Q Lew! Glad to have been part of it. Something fun about leading pax out in that gloom, everyone looking for direction and always fun not knowing what is next.

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