Greatest HIITs

Greatest HIITs

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet’s get ready to rumble! Fight Club is back. Same location, new day. Fight Club now shares real estate with SOB ‘bell central Fox Hole. How did it work out? Perfectly!

School lap
Side-straddle-hop x 10
Imperial wlkers x 10
Low-slow squats x 10
‘Mericans x 10

The Thang

— On one side of the parking lot, dropped the ‘bells for community use. In each parking space was an exercise card.
10 high pulls / 10 rows
10 snatch (each side) / 10 swings
10 skull cruskers / 10 American hammer
10 thrusters / 10 cleans (each side)
10 squats / 10 push-ups
10 pull-ups / burpees

–On the other side of the lot, the boxing gloves, pads and jump rope¬† laid out.

–Heavy bag and pull-up/burpee section at the playground

Format: 90 sec activity / 45 sec switch & recover

Core Meltdown
15 regular crunch
15 toe-tap crunch
15 LBC
15 knees right
15 knees left
10 pistol crunch R& L
15 Chippy cross

My goal was to create a cafeteria style workout where pax could challenge themselves and get a good variety of boxing and bells. I couldn’t be happier with results. Everyone found a station and got after it. Great to see some new faces – Worm, Transporter, Chopper (R) and Doc McStuffins. Plus, the Fight Club vets – Chipotle, Loogie. Foxhole represented with General, Cobbler and Frehley’s. Stellar work gents!

If you are looking for upper body/core work, HIIT training, and fun – FIGHT CLUB / fox hole is your spot on Monday.

Special thanks to Loogie & Chipotle for bringing the gear.

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