Forget the Clock and Grab a Rock

Forget the Clock and Grab a Rock

POSTED ON BEHALF OF HOOCH (last time before he gets his own login credentials):

22 PAX (one with a Classy ‘Stache) woke this morning for a nice run and a little lifting.   Everyone seemed to enjoy/endure with not a ton of #mumblechatter.   And if it wasn’t for all the “clock watchers” who like to speak up, we may still be there doing bleachers.  It seemed to hit all the sore muscles created on Monday with that “Stupid Log” idea, special thanks to BC.   Also, this was actually the alternate workout due to the awesome turnout this morning.   The other beat down (of a smaller group) will now have to wait.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction. (I did better counting this time)

  • Plank/Plank Stretching
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 20 SSH

The Thang – And off we go:

  • Light poles from the Parking Lot – 10 Merkins and 10 Plank Rotations each light – Mary
  • Grab a rock and Mosey to Corner – Partner Curls (150), Partner Thrusters (150), OH Press (100) while alternating partner ran to the steps, up, down and back. – Mary
  • Mosey to the Track – Bleachers one way with 20 Dips at the bottom of each as time expired.


Beautiful morning to celebrate a good butt kicking.    There is a weirdness to all of this as one feels by Qing that he is graded on the amount pain he can inflict on his fellow brothers.   Like “Fight Club” minus the fighting.

And several PAX fought through today.   Too many to really name them all.

Dasher, Hollywood, Halfback and Easy Button appeared to lead the way.  At least from my view further back in the pack.  BottleCap hung back a little with his new “Craft Fair” FNG Fred.   Everyone else powered through with little to no complaining and limited questions.

I truly thank everyone for enduring, encouraging and doing their best to enjoy a good hard workout.

Special Shout out to Craft Fair Fred who made his first workout.  I feel Fred will definitely be back once the soreness wears off.  He definitely did not skimp or modify much at all.  Well Done #MeatBall.     Fred grew up in Sweden, hence we now have MeatBall.  Please contact MeatBall with any Marketing needs.


  • F3 Family workout 9:00 Saturday the 12th
  • F3 Lawson Pool Party will be June 8th – $40 to cover with Funds going to Sandbox

Wrap up and Prayer:

Thank you BottleCap for taking us out

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