Dropping a Dirty McDeuce

Dropping a Dirty McDeuce

25 strong for #F3Hydra this morning. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

A brief but thorough (because the Nantan was looking on) disclaimer was given to the men and then we launched into the darkness. We took the back way over the office building at Rea/Colony and took care of our COP along the way…MCs x 15IC, IWs x 15IC and LSS x 15IC.

Then we previewed our running loop for the morning. From the office building parking lot, take the road between the office building and Walgreens out to Colony, then a left onto Colony, then turn left into the shopping center entrance between Brooklyn Pizza and 5/3 Bank, turn left at the traffic circle running down the thoroughfare back to the office building parking lot.

The main event was announced and explained. The Dirty McDeuce. 4 sets of 3 exercises (chest, core and legs) at 12 reps with a run around the loop in between each set.

  • Set 1 – Merkins x 12IC, LBCs x 12IC and Squats x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 2 – Wide-arm Merkins x 12IC, Flutters x 12IC and Lunges x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 3 – CDDs x 12IC, Dollies x 12IC and LSS x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 4 – Diamond Merkins x 12IC, Freddie Mercuries x 12IC and RDLs x 12IC. Run the loop.

By request, 10 burpees OYO.

Run back to base the way we came. Ended with a little protractor while the six came in. Done.


The pax came from near and far for this morning’s #F3Hydra. Most drove in. Hops and CheeseCurd ran in (though only Curd ran back). And Gloss was there when YHC arrived, apparently having spent the night in his car in the parking lot. It was a solid crowd with a host of characters (as Marge put it). All the classic mumblechatterers were there, including Gummy and Spackler. YHC spent most of the morning trying to either drown them out or ignore them…but found little success doing either.

The Dirty McDeuce is old school. And it had been a while so YHC decided to introduce it to the #F3Hydra Pax. It is always a good one as it hits the chesticles, the legs and the core, while getting in some miles. We ended up with a little over 3 miles for the morning…a little much for the bootcamp enthusiasts and not enough for the soccer armed runners…but a solid compromise.

We did several plank-o-ramas in between each set, including one ill-advised chair plank. From the full squat position, Puddin’ dropped his own Dirty McDeuce in the parking lot. Only a pro could do what he did in the full chair plank without fear of crapping themselves. Those with an 8am dentist appointment probably still smelled the lingering spirit.

Great group this morning. Thankful for all of you. And for the opportunity to lead.

Moleskine P.S. – Took about 4 men, 3 onlookers, 2 set of cables but only 1 Semi-Gloss to jump Floorslapper’s Highlander after the workout.


  • Unsanctioned beverage mile this Friday
  • Saturday Memorial Day Weekend convergence at #F3RockZero
  • Memorial Day convergence and race – Patriot 5K. #SFN will be there pushing veterans.
  • Unsanctioned SMHS Football fundraiser

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HopsPosted on7:09 pm - May 10, 2018

Solid Q Haze. Always tactical and organized. Not a bootcamp, mind you, but solid nonetheless. I hitchhiked home with Puddin’ as I didn’t expect the bootcamp to boost the mileage. #cobains Curd.
Speaking of Puddin’, the man can clear out a parking lot. He has to be in pain, and had to have ruined his shorts. Mercy.
Margo was an FNG to Hydra. Perhaps so was Spare Parts? and Padre?
Strong work put in by our WD – Fry Daddy. He & Gloss also told me to tell Mermaid to get rid of the jumper cables. Said your cable was too old and too small to get the job done.
Love the Hydra pax. Glad my Thursday mornings are freed up now to rejoin this crew.
Some body call or snail mail Marge and Queen, to tell them there is a backblast regarding their AO.

MermaidPosted on7:56 pm - May 10, 2018

Noted on the cables-part of a roadside emergency kit from mother-in-law. Have another set. Good long and strong cable gets the job done every time.

Solid Q from Haze amidst the mumble and refuseniks, especially on the burpees. Anyone within about 100 feet of Puddin got crushed by that flatulence. Impressive. Good way to start the day with this crew. Really enjoyed it

GummyPosted on8:20 pm - May 10, 2018

I have wardrobe themed comments:
– Jet Fuel tried to loosen up and keep his shirt untucked, but by the time we circled up in the parking lot to start Dirty McDeuce, it was tucked in. Alabama boy.
– Harley looks strange without his trademark visor.
– Hopper noticed that LazyBoy wore the same shirt this morning as he did to Anvil. Gross. Apparently he doesn’t sweat.
– Puddin’ Pop tried out a new lime green shirt – adding to his navy and gray shirt repertoire.
– What would happen if One Eye didn’t wear a head band? Is that for sweat containment or fashion?
– Semi’s hair was on point. Good height on the spikes.

In other news, Cheese Curd and I had a debate about the best pizza in our part of town on one of the laps. I say Brooklyn, right there in the middle of said lap. He offered up Riccios and Jets (?). Thoughts?

VoodooPosted on9:25 pm - May 10, 2018

I’m with Cheese Curd on the Riccio’s recommendation. Solid Italian.

VoodooPosted on9:27 pm - May 10, 2018

And solid backblast/comments section. I can almost smell/taste Puddin’ Pop through my computer.

Iron HorsePosted on11:36 pm - May 10, 2018

Wow Haze – you appear to be the new darling of Area51 – record crowds following you from AO to AO. Groupies. Appeared to be a solid workout. Did you look for Nugent in the median? Yes, Padre has posted at Hydra – he came for a man’s workout a few weeks back. “I shall return”.

JetFuelPosted on1:45 am - May 11, 2018

Great to see Padre post this morning, yet another fine Bama fan. I think Tackling Dummy is still getting the vomit taste out of his mouth from posting with 2 Bama faithful. My shirt tucking is functional in nature. I mean, really, who wants to view my midriff when the untucked shirt climbs up the back during MC’s, Burpees, or any other declined exercise? Answer: nobody. You’re welcome. However, I am concerned by the creeping hemline of my Target “Champion” brand gym shorts which shrink with every wash cycle. If this shrinkage continues, I will approach Iron Horse “short short” status which will cause great wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the PAX.
Pizza Peel in Matthews is bombastic.

HopsPosted on2:17 pm - May 11, 2018

Brooklyn over Riccio’s.
No short shorts…please.

SpacklerPosted on9:54 am - May 13, 2018

Damn it High Tide. Always having to ruin a good comment string.

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