The morning started off innocent enough,  guys show up, stretch a little bit and get ready for a work out.  Yet someone made it quite clear that his “client”  work kept him out all night last night with beer, wine and finished with some cognac.  I am starting to really wonder what kind of “client” work one of our pax is really in… that said UBER dropped him off in time to work out so props to him for not letting his “night” “client” work get in the way of showing up at 5:30 AM.

WU:  Mosey over to the street next to Dream Chasers for a quick disclaimer,  20 SSH, 20 MC, 10 merkins with a bit of a stretch

The Thang:  Pole work (this may be in line with Damascus “client” work, not sure)  10 merkins at each light pole till the end of the street.  Some mary at the end shift over to Providence road,  more pole work  (again Damascus was really into this)  skip every other pole and every other till Bojangles 10 air squats and 10 LBC’s.  Hit Bojangles and do some mary till the 6 arrives.  Pax lines up in front of stacks for partner suicides,  P1 does burpees while P2 runs to islands and back, rotate till every island is done.  Mosey back and stop for some quick Mike Tyson’s.  Hit the lights back on the way to the animal hospital with mekins starting with 12 down to 1.  Some mary at the animal hospital with  quick mosey back up “chongs?” hill backwards, American hammers at the top and finish with some plank jacks.


Moleskin:  IT WAS A beautiful morning and a fun start to our day.  First,  we are starting to get the true story of what Damascus does, his “client” work leaves a peculiar oder that Shakenbake was privy to the whole morning.  Deflated is a man after my own heart,  full hat and hoodie this morning.  Xerox!!!!! pairs up with Bottlecap on the suicides…Clydes,think not with the speed I saw.  Southern Belle made it back for his 2nd round and it is clear he has got a no quit attitude along with Button.  The rest of the pax pushed and although I didn’t start my watch till halfway we all got close to 3 miles in this morning with well over 160 merkins for a little chest emphasis.  Thanks for the invite to q MB and BC and thanks for the take out Mad dawg.





June 8th:  F3 Pool party $40 per family

Sunday morning Open door bible study is off this week for Mothers day

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