Where did you learn your Russian, JC Penney?

Where did you learn your Russian, JC Penney?

13 men assembled in one of many giant parking lots at Calvary for Anvil. After confirming the language with Haze, I plagiarized Mermaid’s disclaimer language, and off we went.

Warmup jog over to the islands parking lot. MCs and IWs, then line up abreast for suicides with 5 jump squats at the islands, 5 HR merkins at the start. There are a lot of islands. This was maybe an aggressive way to start things off. A little Mary and lunge walking to recover. Stop in another parking lot for assume plank walk with merkins, then over to the grassy hill.

Jacob’s Ladder to 7 with Burpees at the top, heels to heaven at the bottom. I may have skipped the last set to make sure I could breathe for the next part.

Yog over to the hotbox wall to recover in people’s chair. Then AYG to the building across the parking lot. A little Mary to catch our breath, then AYG back to the wall. Haze was very worried about his watch/Strava pace during this part.

Mosey over to the rock pile. Partner up and pick a big rock. Partner 1 takes off with the aforementioned rock in a counter-clockwise direction around the church. Partner 2 does 5 HR merkins then catches partner 1. Keep doing that all the way around the church and back to the rock pile. This was one of my regular things during The Rock back in the day, so I was surprised to hear so much disbelief. Hopper lodged a complaint at this point that he got poison ivy in his eye during one of the merkins. There’s a form to fill out for that. Send it to Mermaid.

We ran out the time exactly as I had planned with some Mary and sprints.

Haze complained a lot about me not saying “starting position, move”. Still, he knew when to move. Ickey didn’t like that we went past the picnic tables without doing dips. That’s about all the feedback I recall.

A special welcome to Van Pelt, back for a visit from Winston-Salem.

Beer Mile this Friday at 6:30 pm. See the preblast posted yesterday and the #beermile channel on Slack for more details. I think we have a good crowd coming out including some spectators. Join us!

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on5:00 pm - May 9, 2018

Van Pelt is like bed bugs – hard to get rid of.

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