Sinco de Minuto!

Sinco de Minuto!

17 Goats gathered in the darkness of a breezy but pleasant Spring morning to enjoy a crowd favorite at Mountain Goat… 5-5-4-4-3.  The workout went something like this:

  1. Warm-up; dynamic stretching
  2. Run 5:00 at I-pace; 4:00 recovery x2
  3. Run 4:00 at I-pace; 3:00 recovery x2
  4. Run 3:00 at I-pace; 2:00 recovery
  5. Cool Down; Done

Excellent job!!  5-6 miles depending on pace!


Great to have several return Goats from past workouts!  Mad, Hairball, Damn Gina, Blades of Glory… great to have all of you back out!  And of course, we want you to come back!!  Please do!  Damn Gina had to leave early due to a blister… get healed and back out there!

Then there’s Wally… who’s been running with us on Saturday mornings at Java, but made his Freshman appearance at MG.  Always great to run with you!  You know you’re welcome anytime… plus there’s no better place to get BRR-ready!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


  1. Let Kilowatt or Retread know if you’re interested in running BRR  I think Mad is mulling the opportunity!!

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