Shirts vs. Skins

Shirts vs. Skins


  • Jog out of parking lot and right turn onto Strawberry Lane for a warm up run to the dead end
  • Standard warm up… merkins [couple of sets], imperial walker, side straddle hop
  • Mosey to the nearest “street with a hill” for a round of 7s… merkins and squats
  • Run back on Strawberry Lane… with a short intermission for additional merkins
  • Head to the SCMS track, and split into two teams of seven for relay races
  • First relay race… backpedal [200M per runner]
  • Second relay race… forward [200M per runner]
  • Mosey back to the parking lot



I pulled in at 5:29:59… and I could tell that Smokey and Dollywood were thinking I would be a no show. I wouldn’t let you down boys!  I just like to roll in on two wheels [in my hot rod 2008 Honda Civic] and get straight to work.

I’m not much of a workout planner, but I gave it some pretty intense thought from about 5:29:00 to 5:29:59… and away we went. Even though we didn’t venture too far off campus, it was good to stretch our legs out a bit and stroll up and down strawberry lane.  We used our inside-voices early during the workout, given the proximity to the fine citizens on strawberry.  This gave us all a chance to listen carefully to Header’s morning story.  Header always has a morning story, an afternoon story and a nighttime story… the guy likes to tell stories.

The 7s on the hill were a good way to get the heart pumping. Laronda set the pace with a couple others keeping him honest.  As we made our way to the track, I settled in on a relay race format as the right choice.  I decided shirts vs. skins would be an effective way to keep track of who was on which relay team.  It was effective, but maybe a little strange.  [Too bad Bulldog wasn’t at today’s workout, as I know he would have been calling for shirtless partner exercises circa the 2013 July 4th workout at South Charlotte Middle Schoo]l.  Then, too add to the vibe… my boy Mickey decided that his workout shorts were just too uncomfortable… and that the only solution was to get rid of the shorts.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to Mickey much, but I appreciate a man who cares about comfort.  Thing is, Mickey ended up on the skins relay team, so he eventually ended up with neither a shirt nor shorts.  It was a heck of a sight, seeing Mickey come around the turn-3 bend in nothing but his briefs.  Mickey, you are an instant legend.  And this is yet another example of why F3 works best as an all-men workout group.  My guess is that the Y frowns on men working out in just their drawers.

Great group of men this morning. Some old timers like Smokey, Chin Music and Puddin.  Some really old timers like Harley, Header, Mall Cop and Bugeater. Some young guns that keep me strong… Laronda and Dollywood.  And some new guys [at least to me]… Lewinsky, Hammer, Scratch & Win and Mickey.  Truly enjoyed the workout… probably more so when it was dark… but nothing says second-F quite like dudes running around without shirts [or shorts].


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BugeaterPosted on11:51 pm - May 9, 2018

Joker – we certainly stumbled into some fun this morning as our clown car of 5 came low riding into south Charlotte middle school parking lot. Great impromptu play calls and some solid performances by an assembly of pax. Header was not the only one telling stories as I heard scratch and win chatting it up pretty good. mickey was a rock star in his boxers and boots. The backwards and forward relays. Hey you are the original A51 Q! Full disclosure we made Mickey put his clothes on before entry into the Mrs Bug mobile on the way out. Just sayin’

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