So what happened was :   Goonie finally decided to join us again.


For warm up we started with a short jog and 21s .   I was sure we would mess that up and it would lead to a pain station, but  I was as wrong as Notre Dame trying to win in Death Valley .

The crew then slow moseyed down to the track.  Knowing that this was a moderate work out and that Burpee’s are frowned upon we took a lap around the track stopping at each corner to not do Burpee’s.  First corner  Merkens,  second corner Spartan Burpee’s,third corner  slow squats, and fourth corner jump squats.  Geraldo and Simba lead the pack and concurred that we did not do Burpee’s.   After Goonie’s long lay out, he was all the way in the back.  Nobody was racing, but everybody noticed Goonie leading from the back.

Another slow mosey down to the ballfields where we began a Cindy.   5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats all in one minute rinse repeat times 20.  By #13  Mall Cop and I are beginning to feel the quads and would have gotten the prescribed 20 in, but I got Q Jacked by Smash and Wolfman and moved to a different location.  To be clear, Mall Cop, Sardine, and Marvel, as well as myself, all could’ve easily done the prescribed 20, if not for the Q jacking.

Another slow mosey to the top of the stairs where we partnered up and  got a lifting rocks.  It’s time for some curls for the girls.  Partner one short lap down to the ballfields partner two. Curls, flap jack, rinse repeat x 3.   More of the same to follow -tricep extensions for partner one, partner 2 make fast lap down to the ballfields rinse repeat x 3


We ran 15 miles; did 500 push ups, squats, and pull-ups; 300 burpees, and 10k curls.  Not bad for a moderate work 0ut.

Great to see some old faces again Heartbreaker and Goonie glad to see you guys are back out looking for you to get back in the form.  Better to see some new faces Damn Gina, keep up the work, it pays off! Simba and Geraldo moving fast the entire work out.  Simba was doubled over  most of the last circuit.  Awesome job pushing yourself.   Geraldo always looks like he’s going slow, but  he’s always at front can’t figure it out….Insomniac Thunder Rd., Wolfman,  Little Mike all we’re getting a good workout in-I know because they were all quiet, almost no mumble chatter., until the end.   Little Mike finished our session with the short sermon about encouraging those around you and Simba prayed us out.  Great way to start the day and the week.  Thank you guys for coming out pushing me!!!


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