Ring around the Church

Ring around the Church

On a beautiful Spring morning, 13 PAX rolled on our to Skunkworks. Here’s what we got into:


To the rock and back


20 KB Swings

15 Mountain Climbers

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- but 10 Jump Squats

Meet at the front doors

Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice


Mosey to the square

Partner 1- run up the steps

Partner 2- called exercise

Round 1- Clean

Round 2- Snatch

Round 3- Lawnmowers

Mosey on back to the school for Mary



Come out to Gumby! Best recovery workout in the F3nation- Matthews Scout Hut @ 5:30



So Hoover was on the schedule to provide his version of a beat down, but had to pull out last minute- so I dusted off an old Q last night around 9:00PM and we went at it- the PAX didn’t seem to mind.

The ring around the church is always awful- and today proved no exception.

BA made sure his displeasure was known regarding  Catch me if you can (something along the lines of I hate this so much!)- it was appreciated.

Well done Swiss Miss and Homeboy working with a travel sized bell….. and one not so travel sized. Way to make the best of a hard situation.

Welcome again Home Boy, Scratch and Sniff and Drumstick! Good to have you guys with us from all over the map- (two from ATL, one from Chicago). Hope to have you guys out soon.

As always Smokey was a ninja- but today he as a ninja with a birthday!! Happy Birthday Smokey- I want to be you when I grow up.


Thanks guys for the opportunity to lead!

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