• When:05/08/2018
  • QIC: Busch
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Well, what can I say other than it was my honor to lead such fine men…as always is the case in the South!  The workout got off to a slow start because Pud told me we were waiting for the clown car containing one of the site Qs…and they may or may not have been late.  So we did a 20 Merkin warm up whilst they got out of the car.  We started to roll out and then MaGee pulled in ahem…possibly late and we waited for him and just decided to circle up.  As I was getting ready to start with SSHs another car pulling in caught my eye…the other site Q, Doc McStuffins showed up slightly not quite as on time the previous groups…the workout was off to a very un-Hawks Nestlike (It has always run like clockwork until the day I lead…must be me!) start and I continued to add to that by doing IWs instead of SSHs.  I may or may not have meant to do that to add to the chaos.  Not sure where Bananas and Goodhands were today…

Run over to the new turf field, had 21 lads so split into 3 groups of 7

1st group sprints around the field while other 2 groups do 20 Merkins, 20 Dry-Docks, 20 Squats and continue to cycle through until the group ahead of you gets back so each group does one lap…repeat

Run over to the pavilion with picnic tables

1st group sprints length of field and back while other 2 groups do 20 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins, 20 Flutters and continue to cycle through so each group does one sprint…repeat (insert Diamonds per Harley’s request and Heels to Heaven)

Run over to the track

1st group runs to edge of track, up hill and then does serpentine up and down bleachers until back on track while others do 20 Dry Docks, 20 Merkins, 20 core exercise and continue to cycle through.

Run to top of hill, go down on outside of hill in two lines and when hit the bottom turn and sprint up…repeat 3 times

25 Heels to Heaven, 25 Rosalita

Repeat above hill sprints with only 2 times…MaGee wanted to throw in another to get the 3,2,1 theme but that didn’t happen…what did happen is he called me out to race him in the sprints and I may have heard him call me an “Old Fart” due to my being 10 years his senior…or that may have been some motivation I cooked up in my head to give it a go.  Ha!

Run back through campus to the start to wait for Fast Twitch

Added a core exercise and maybe some Merkins while waiting…always have Merkins in my back pocket as a go to if more time is left.

Welcome back to Toxic Assets…poor guy came back out for his first time in forever and thought Fast Twitch was the Hawks Nest group…sorry, that was a bad miss, but at least you got a good jog (with a soft “J”) in today Brother!

Thanks Hops and Doc for allowing me to lead and serve the lads today, it is always great to be around all of you!


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