Don’t mess with the Zohan

Don’t mess with the Zohan

Published on behalf of Hooch:

16 PAX graciously survived a morning fast paced workout and big Calorie Burn (unofficially probably the largest). There were no “no hand” merkins or planking but still a lot up and down that would have made the Zohan proud. From initial moaning to almost complete silence, the burn was definitely felt by everyone as the beautiful morning ended with sweat, groaning, and fatigue. I felt content with only my 3rd run at leading as the workout appeared to kick more butt than the other two.

I initially started this BB on Friday but as I am required to “work” at work, I was unable to complete. Saturday was shot with kid’s actvities leaving Sunday evening my only chance. At least in that time, BC’s pressing matter of which laptop to buy ended with a purchase of a used 1982 Commodore 64 off Craigslist.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction. (Counting issues)

18 SSH
20 Potato Pickers
19 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins

The Thang – And off we go:

Off to front of school for Light poles – 5 laps stopping at all 9 lights – 10 Cross Mountain Climbers + 10 Row/Shoulder Tap Planks, 10 Bonnie Blairs, 5 Carolina Dry Docks, and 5 Bomb Jacks at each
Mosey to Hill – 15(in/out/reg – 5 each) Merkins at the bottom, 2 Burpees at the top x 4
Mosey to the Track – Bleachers one way with 20 Dips at the bottom of each

Wrap up and Prayer:

Thank you MoneyBall for taking us out


Good to see everyone working hard and struggling as a group for what became a daunting workout.

Shout out to BottleCap, MoneyBall and Dasher for continuing to lead the way and provide Molly as the rest struggled and straggled in. I feel it is only a matter of days before the young Easy Button and Cyrus will be right there up front each and every workout.

Everyone else did their absolute best to keep pace with those three. Doughboy, Akbar, Posse, Rockwell and Gatorcub were right there toughing it out. Everyone killed and felt dead at the end, with extra #Respect going to Gatorcub, Xerox and Foley.

And have you guys seen Finch? A new and smaller man out there. Well done Finch, keep doing what you are doing as we are all happy to have you out there sucking wind with us.

There was a Shampoodle appearance, it feels like he only shows when I am Q but that may not be so.

-Sunday Bible Study resumes at Five Stones 7 a.m. next Sunday
-F3 Family workout Saturday the 12th at Cuthbertson Middle 0900-0945; bring M’s and 2.0s
-Xerox was gifted his #Respect shirt from Posse

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