Cerberus…So Fancy, You Already Know

Cerberus…So Fancy, You Already Know

20 PAX in attendance for a warm and sweat filled morning with the wonderful sounds of mumblechatter.  5:30 came, off we went. No FNG’s but a lazy disclaimer was still provided.  PAX coming in on two wheels, hurry up cause we got places to go and no time to waste.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the back around Whole Foods and the $$Bootcamp$$ folks for some warm up:  All IC: SSH x15, Imperial Squakers x12, Mountain climbers x15, Merkins x15, Plank Jacks x15.

Mosey to Parking Deck.

The Thang:

–Parking Deck–

Merkins x15, up ramp running backwards, then plank jacks x15. Take stairs down to start, begin sequence again up 2 ramps with plank jacks x15 at top of every ramp and merkins x15 to begin, back down, etc to top of deck.

Plank work while we wait, various 6 inches, arm high work, topped off with 6 inch plank jacks IC x15


Mosey south to the artificial grass area. Grab some half wall.  Completed Derkins IC x20, Dips IC x20, then 20 jump/step ups. Then over to the street in between the overpriced and fancy boutique stores.

–Fancy Street–

8 light poles from start to end, jump squats to next light pole, 10 mountain climbers, run to next, 10 lbcs, all the way to end.   Mary until 6, Heels to heaven IC x20. Back to parking deck

–Partner Stair Work–

Partner up, as a team complete 200 donkey kicks, 100 mike Tysons, P1 runs up to top of staircase and back down while P2 does exercise.   Alf led the mary, LBC’s and Flutters IC x20. Back to fancy street.

–Fancy Street, part 2–

Bear crawl to light pole, then run to next, complete sequence to end.   Mary?

Just a couple of minutes left at this point.  Over to lot, suicides at each line and back to end.  Bratwurst led some American Hammers IC x30 to end the workout.



So it turns out YHC really sucks at giving out directions.   When my weinke was drawn up and memorized, I was good, no questions needed to be asked.   Yet today, the questions and many confused faces started rather early.    Look, just run up the dang ramp and figure it out  I’ll work on this for next time.       However, once we got going, it was all work.  Transporter was promised a lighter running day so the goal was to keep it shorter in distance than YHC usually does, at the same time keeping that heart rate up.  Plan achieved.   The PAX pushed themselves and never slowed down, I’m sure they were feeling it because I know I was.

Thanks for the invite.   It is always a welcome change to meet and work out with the PAX from other regions.   Great guys as expected.


FNG day at Cerberus next week, May 11 at 5:30. Bring a FNG or else…

June 8th-  Pool Party  8-10 PM Lawson Pool Waxhaw- Cost $40 to raise funds for Sandbox (promise no additional Shake downs)

Thanks Header for the prayer.

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