Seasoned Warriors

Seasoned Warriors

11 men and the QIC stood around exchanging pleasantries for a few minutes prior to 0530.  Plenty of stretching, grunting, and groaning in this circle.  Margo mentioned that he fought the snooze button hard this morning.  Good on him for winning.  Disclaimer given among significant chatter that increased as the vital details of the disclaimer were provided.  YHC assured the crew that we would, indeed stay under 2 miles and we would push hard.  Chelms started in on the requests/demands immediately, something about a high hamstring pull and yoga.  Paper Jam talking about no burpees or something.  Time to move this hardened group of seasoned warriors.


Mosey into campus, right on thoroughfare next to parking deck.  Ascend Stairwell 2 to Level 4.  Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10

Alternating Hip Slappers x 10

Mosey toward Stairwell 1 and down to ground level.  High plank while instructions/suggestions provided.


Ascend Stairwell 1 to Level 4.  Called exercise(s).  Run to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground level.  Called exercise(s).  Repeat

3 Rounds

  1. 5 Burpees/10 Jump Squats
  2. 15 Merkin/15 Donkey Kicks
  3. 10 Hand-Release Burpees

Plank-o-rama and Mary to wait on six between rounds.

Ascend Stairwell 1 to Level 4.

Line up on wall for People’s Chair.  Shoulder Press x 30 IC.

Bear Crawl across deck.  Lunge Walk back.

People’s Chair.  Alternating Leg Raises x 33 IC.

Bear Crawl across deck.  Lunge Walk back.

Line up facing the full length of the parking deck (Stairwell 1 to Stairwell 3).

AYG from Stairwell 1 to Stairwell 3.


AYG back.

High Flutter x 15 IC/LBC x 15/Hold 6 inches/10 count

AYG S1 to S3.

High Plank.  Hold.  6 inches.  Alternating Leg Lifts x 10 IC.  Right Leg High.  One-Leg Merkin x 10 IC

AYG back.  5 Burpees OYO

Descend Stairwell 1 to ground.  Ascend Stairwell 1 to Level 4.  Back down and continue to launch.



Fairly certain this group went a little out of their way to appear to be a group of cranky old men.  Regardless of the complaints, groaning, and call for no burpees and little running, I hold fast to my description above for this group: seasoned warriors.  All men went into battle this morning and crushed the opponent, AKA, YHC’s workout plan.  Chelms put the high hamstring injury aside and pushed hard along with Margo on the 3xDoubles.  We won’t get into form much.  Well maybe a little.  Paper Jam is always good for a few well timed zingers.  Believe YHC heard him refer to the Chelms merkin as a Carolina Dry Dock.  Chelms did say that good form is optional at Fishing Hole.  Rest of the group stayed pretty much together.  Abacus exhibited superior bear crawl skill and speed on Level 4.  Frehley’s for some fast twitch on the sprints.  Kotters to BOG.  Glad to see him at Fishing Hole, and, in general, as he keeps a constant travel schedule.  T-claps to Crabcake for EH’ing him last night at Char Bar 7.  Great to see Loogie and Commish and chat with Cadillac and Patent Pending some.  Shoe put in work and brought some chatter, as expected.  Well done today men, way to push hard, and to push each other.  That is what we do.  Thanks to Bean for reaching out and inviting YHC to Q.  Really enjoyed it this morning.  Came in at about 1.6 miles.  Thanks to Shoe for the takeout.


Shoe is praying the Rosary every day in May, specifically for strength and healing for Jennings Palmer.  Chelms jumped on board as well.  Prayers needed.  YHC will follow up with another post with specifics for this month.

Reach out to Chelms for mentorship opportunities for some of our city’s youth.  He and a few others are taking a group of 10 middle school boys camping at Crowder’s Mountain on Saturday.  Always a need.  Hit him up at

Patriot Festival 5 K and F3 Convergence with Speed for Need.  05/28/2018.  Convergence workout prior to the race with Checkpoint on Q.  SFN will be pushing 8 veterans.  Will be a great event.  JRR Tolkien is your contact for more info.


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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:56 pm - May 3, 2018

Climbing to level 4 of the deck and then doing 10 hand release burpees is just wrong. Wrong I tell you. That hurt. Next time we will try Kirby’s exercise at the top – or just do a 10 count.

How can Abacus be so fast at bear crawl and so slow at EVERYTHING else?

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