It’s My Party I Can Cry If I Want To

It’s My Party I Can Cry If I Want To

YHC was asked to Q on May 3 with no knowledge of the historical significance of the date for the Peak 51 AO. The night before YHC reads a pre-blast stating the fourth birthday of site. Quite an honor I must say…. Therefore, I quickly put together an affectionate birthday “board.”

The events unfolded like this….

The Thang…

The question was posed as to who in the PAX was present on the first launch four years ago. Slimfast, Sensei, Geraldo, and Simba raised their hands. Crazy!

Disclaimer: Peak 51 and Matthews Elementary are not responsible for you… blah, blah, blah. Today’s work out is designed for you to be able to modify so that you can maintain your PEAK  throughout.

25 x Side Straddle Hopp
20 x Imperial Walker
10 x Merkin
10 x Good Morning Nashville (felt so good)

Mosey out to the main drag and turned right. We crossed the street into Stumptown Park by the PDA Heart. We headed up the concrete path till we came to a glowing “board” with twelve birthday wishes written upon her. There were many sighs and a few cries. The birthday menu of pain contained the following list:
1. Hand Release Burpees (5)
2. Lunges (5 ea.)
3. Diamonds (10)
4. Heals to Heaven (10)
5. Dips (20)
6. Fluttas (20)
7. Merkins (20)
8. Mountain Climbers (10)
9. Carolina Dry Docks (10)
10. LBCs (20)
11. Side Straddle Hopps (20)
12. Burpees (10)

Instructions: Complete exercise #1 and run a lap. Upon return, complete exercise #1 and #2 and run a lap. Upon return, complete exercise #1, #2, and #3 and run a lap. You get the drift…

The PAX were strong. Lots of hate this morning. LOTS OF HATE! It was awesome!
At 6:12 YHC called everyone to halt and we headed back to launch for some Mary.

A disciplinary measure was taken due to the high levels of hate and the number of years of the existence of the mighty PEAK 51. Four Burpess OYO!

Several Speed for Need races coming up. You can view them here:

Two new FNGs:
Welcome to Sardine and Compliance!

Really an honor to see what Slimfast, Geraldo, Sensei, and Lois have been able to do at the PEAK 51. One of my favorite sites of all time!

Some quotes from today:
1. Two men on a bench
2. If this were a year ago, we couldn’t both fit on this bench and the bench would be flattened
3. I know I am getting in the same spot to do these burpees cause my hand grabs the same dog turd every time
4. Smokey, I hate you so much right now
5. Just wait and see how much you hate him this afternoon
6. Geraldo, “what’s next Smokey?” Smokey, “Dang it Geraldo, it is on the board.” Geraldo, “I can’t read anything without my glasses.” Who knew Geraldo wore glasses? Probably like Superman and Clark Kent. 🙂

Great take out today by Simba!

PS. Sparta launched from Peak 51 today at 5:15am. They ran 5 miles and joined Peak 51 for the COP.

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