Red Light District

Red Light District

Lots of yawns (mainly by me) and mumble chatter about the work out before it even began this morning.

A very off-putting disclaimer was given…

The thang

25 x side straddle hops

20 x imperial walkers

10 x good morning nashvilles (feels so good)

Mosey around small track

Plank and Merkins to the wonderful Police song ROXANNE

Mosey around small track

Curls and goblet squats to the wonderful Police song ROXANNE

Partner up and catch me if you can to the front of Christ Covenant where suicides ensued…

25 x LBCs run to first island and back 25 x LBCs run to second island and back 25 x LBCs run to road and back


25 x swings rinse and repeat


10 x shoulder press (5 each arm) rinse and repeat


20 x rows (5 each arm) rinse and repeat


Catch me if you can back to launch

Lunges and Burpees to the wonderful Police song ROXANNE

Plank and Atomic Merkins to Molby’s song Flower (Bring Sally Up)


20 x flutter

10 x heals to heaven



We had some strong pre-runners this morning cranking out a 5k.  Chin Music came sprinting in and went straight to the dumpsters… not sure what he did back there but found out later he is training to run a sub 5-minute mile. CRAZY Man!  Baracus and Stone Cold came in on cruise control from their 5k not even glistening.  Lots of mumble today (early) about why we even brought the bells.  I think we answered that question later on with the suicides.  Stone Cold is turning into the form police.  I wish we all could be like more like him…  (he does seem to favor Mr. Clean).   However, comments about getting your swing up and nipples (I may, or may not, have said that) leave him wide open for some “softball” comments.



Speaking of “softball” comments – Swiss Miss plugged Gumby. 🙂

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