Ragnar Trail Relay 2018 Pre-blast

Ragnar Trail Relay 2018 Pre-blast

Its about that time of year…. Ragnar Trail relay is coming October 5th-6th and its time to start convincing 7 other PAX to join you in the biggest F3 gathering of the fall. Unfamiliar with Ragnar? YHC is on Q again and has all of the information you may need!

Teams of 8 (or 4 if want Ultra), run relay style overnight on 3 different trail loops setup at Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill SC. The loops all start and stop at the Ragnar village where you and your fellow PAX will be setup in our own F3 tent site. The race is complete once all of your team runs each loop once, totaling approx 16 miles per runner. Depending on your team, the race takes approx 20 hours to complete. In the Ragnar Village they will have free coffee, Smore’s, bonfires, hammock village, and if you arrive early enough- you can even demo some badass Salomon shoes for the weekend at no additional cost.

Last year we had a pretty great setup, and this year should only improve.  I will be utilizing the help of several other regional Q’s to help get the word out to their specific regions, and keep the PAX better updated than just YHC is capable of doing, as well as better coordinating the amount of food and items we bring. We will once again have our very own campsite, specific to F3 and very close to the the village to make for easier runner transitions. We are allowed to set up the night before on Thursday, and Ragnar will have the village open for pre-party and course preview. We have our own F3 cooking facilities stocked with food, drinks, snacks, and BBQ grill for us to cook our own dinner and breakfast. I would suggest still bringing anything specific you may need for your team, but a large quantity of food will be provided. This year Ragnar is providing a special overall Top F3 team award for the winning F3 squad. Ragnar has provided F3 with a locked in rate again this year. No matter when you sign up, the registration fee will be $1080 with code: F3VIP

However, the sooner we can get teams registered, the faster we can get our plans ironed out for our campsite and provisions.

Leading up to the event, YHC will host several on site preview runs, REI classes, online giveaways in addition to updated information on packing lists and runner info. Hop on slack channel #Ragnar2018 for the most up-to-date posts, or keep an eye out on Twitter for more info.

Quick summary:

*Fri and Sat October 5th and 6th

*8 PAX per team

*Approx 16 trail miles in 3 legs over 20+ hours

*Code: F3VIP for locked in rate of $1080 for full ($135/runner)  or  $700 for Ultra ($175/runner)

*Lots of freebies and information leading up to raceday

*Please utilize and share this REGISTRATION LINK to increase our future Ragnar handouts

…..list of regional Q’s to come

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