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No light bulbs will be changed today

7 PAX for the weekly rendition of ‘speedo season is here, time to get some beach muscles.’

SSH x 15 IC

20 Swings

IW x 15 IC

20 R handed swings

Diamond merkin on bell x 10

20 L handed swings

HALO x 5 each way

Prying Squats

THE Thang:

Round 1: Pyramid with reps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2:

One arm:

Sprinter stance swings, clean to lunge, snatch, shoulder press

Switch hands, repeat exercises


Round 2: Pyramid with reps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2:

Two arm:

Slasher swings to L, slasher swings to R, goblet squat, upright rows, deadlift

Staggered merkin L hand on bell x20

Staggered merkin R hand on bell x20

50 Swings without stopping

20 merkins


This was definitely harder in person than on paper. Somehow I had scripted the workout to have 3 rounds of a pyramid, which would have required a 5:00am start for that, there’s always next time. I always try to bring something new or different into the KB workouts, and the sprinter stance swings and slashers were that today. All the PAX were genuinely concerned about their sack of ‘taters when I demonstrated the sprinter stance swings, although I’m pretty sure the standard swing puts your junk in just as much risk (or maybe I’m just not as well equipped as the rest of the crew). Either way, everyone seemed to walk away unharmed (however properly disclaimed), but fine motor skills will be greatly affected from that beatdown. My forearms are a mess as I write this. Not much chatter today, as the workout didn’t allow for much more than heavy breathing. I think my choice of rock tunes was much preferred to my gangsta rap last time… apparently everyone can’t relate to coming from the mean streets of Bloomington, Indiana.

Funky Cold – Came in and crushed it, no questions asked! Well done!

Alf – Apparently nursing a hamstring injury… could’ve fooled me as he cruising through the pyramid. Hope to see you back at the bootcamps/runs soon!

Tulip – Flew through the rounds this morning. Must be time for a bigger bell! Thanks for the takeout as we headed into our days ahead.

Swiss Miss – Taking the role of High Tide today with more bells than PAX. Great to see you back at Meathead and grinding hard!

Hoover – I’m pretty sure he sleeps with his ruck on. Does someone who is 6’ 8” and 260ish really need to strap on extra weight? Oh and he is doing the Smokey Mountain relays this weekend. Dude is a beast!

Rachel – Don’t want to say anything too complimentary here as there are rumors swirling about the status of our relationship brotherhood. Average work as usual.

Thanks to Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the opportunity to lead at the best 0.0 in all of F3.

The InstaWeinke

AYE. 11 strong gathered in the Gloom for what they thought was going to be a Fire Hazard Q, but Mary Kay announced that he’d be doing an emergency substi-Q and would be repeating his last Rebel Yell weinke from a few weeks ago. At that workout, Mary Kay had extended the olive branch of q-ship to YHC for a date in mid-May and so I quickly took the reins. What follows is just a bare semblance of what actually transpired. It was harder and chattier than it reads.


Mosey to the Murderhorn – nah, nevermind.
Take a left onto the sidewalk along Elm
5 Burps at each little baby lightpost thingy
Plank & Merkins (also the name of a hip new brewery in South End) x 10
Circle up outside Jersey Mike’s
SSH x 10
Imperial Walker x 10

Time for the main show
At each speedbump:
Jump Squats x 10
Run over the huge ass hill
Merkins x 10 on the sidewalk

Plank at the end

Mosey to Sally’s Gifts, Lashes and Bongs for:
6 Minutes of Real Ass Mary:
Legs off the ground the whole time (100% compliance, FYI)
Flutta, X Cross, Box Cutter, Heels to Heaven, LBC, LBT, Pistol Crunch, etc
End with 50 cadence Mountain Climbers (50% compliance, FYI)

Mosey to other side of Ballantyne Commons in front of St. Mattholomew’s
Race around the block (0.9 miles)
Fast fools circle back to pick up the smart 6

Mosey back to the speedbumps
Same deal as the last time (over the hills and back) except 10 Burps at the sidewalk
Nevermind – just 5 Burps

Mosey to the front of the theater
Belly up
AYG to the stop sign



  1. Thanks to Mary Kay for willingly passing the gauntlet. YHC did some squats in the gym a couple of days ago and had significant lactic acid buildup that needed to be removed. Hence, the leg-heavy workout.
  2. Let’s talk for a minute about Bucky. We all know that he’s a middle-packer when operating at cruise speed. We also all now know that he’s faster than Usain Bolt when running at full speed and has strides longer than Wisconsin’s football National Championship drought (1948, and that one is “unclaimed” in classic Midwestern humility). Dude. Flies.
  3. Strong efforts from the PAX on the hills, although Billy Goat led a small mutiny (just him) in round 2. All is forgiven, Billy Goat. You’re just living up to your name.

Thanks for letting me lead. Er, thanks for not objecting when I took the lead.


Spring is finally here

YHC arrived at Matthew Elementary with only less than 4 minutes to launch. The temperature was great for the weekly installment of Peak 51. The PAX was ready to get started! After a quick disclaimer, the COP began at the launch site and continued after a little warm up run. Here’s how it went.

• 20 Imperial Walker
• 20 Side Straddle Hop
• Mosey down the street to the back-parking lot
• 20 Low Slow Squats
• 20 Merkins

The Thang
1. Partner Up

P1 – on one side of lot
P2- on opposite side of lot
Run to the middle of lot, meet partner and perform exercise. Once complete, flapjack with Partner to opposite side of lot
Round 1- 20 Hand Slap Merkins
Round 2 – 20 LBCs
Round 3- 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Round 4 – 10 Jump Squats

2. Mary
Slow Freddie Mercury

3. Over to the playground. Partner Up
P1- takes a lap around the track
P2- perform each exercise until Partner 1 returns, then flapjack
Supine/ Regular Pull Ups
10 Lunges
4. Mosey to wall sits/Air Presses

5. Partner Up
P1 – runs a lap around
P2- performs each exercise until Partner 1 returns, then flapjack
Circuit of 10 Step Ups (per leg) on the wall, 15 Decline Merkins and 20 Dips

6. PAX line up into 2 groups at Parking Lot- Group 1 against Group 2. AYG to end of the parking lot, back to start line and tag next Pax member.

Though the weinke had one more set for the cool down, we are out of time.

The Moleskin
We did not have a lot of rest today though the PAX kept together and gave 100%. We noticed the shovel flag was blown over, burpees will be on the menu next week. It is a pleasure to exercise with all you. Thanks to Lois and Sensei for providing me with the opportunity to lead.
Little Mike, thanks for taking us out.


  • Smoky Mountain Relay this weekend, wishing all participants the best.
  • Richard Sheltra run — Saturday, April 28 in Pineville. 10K and 5K options.
  • Please keep Tweetsie’s co-worker; Martha Ann in your prayers. She passed unexpectantly as result of a heart attack. She worked 45 years with the Billy Graham Evangelist ministry.


So to be perfectly honest I took this Q so I could work out with the PAX.  I personally have been wrestling with a foot injury that as continued to get worse as I run so I have not been posting. So when I saw the opportuntiy to Q I knew that I could control the amount running I jumped on it.  The delemma bagan thinking about how to keep the pax engaged with out being able to run around the school.  Then I remembered an beat down Ice gave us a few months ago where I thought I might die, hence the 12X12 burpees.

Warm up:  50 SSH, 10 Slow merkins, 25 Mountain climbers, 10 more slow merkins, 25 more mountain climbers then 10 night moracoan things.

Then into the 12×12.  Simple 12 Burpees  a minute for 12 Minutes.  Starts off hard but then it gets really hard.  Quickly the pax realizes it is easier to work up hill than down.

The Thang:  A bit rusty on my game plan we have coupon’s to play with.  Plates, smash balls, KBs and sandbags.  A mixed combination of swings, presses, worm burners and bear crawls x 3 rounds completes the work out.

Mushy Molskine:  I missed the group, it was good to see everyone.  Red Rider always cracks me up and The Grease Monkey always has smile on his face. Good to see some new faces and looking forward to getting to know them.

Manly Molskin: Tough group of men,  pushed through 144 burpees more than made up or what should have been a 50 of respect for The Grease Monkey.  I think we moved a total of 62.5 yards from where we started to where we finished but I am farily certain the heart rates were as high if not higher in the first 10 minutes than if we ran around the school!



UC Happy Hour Thursaday Night 7:30 Hickory Tavern

Operation Sweet tooth race this Saturday,  you can be a virtual runner at commitment


It’s always sunny in Stallings

Rain snow sleet or hail… it does not matter to BullWinkle or I.. in fact, for some crazy reason, BW typically comes out in the worst weather possible: so, I was surprised to see him this morning when the weather was so amazing for F3 standards, but glad he posted to hold me accountable today.

(52 degrees, low humidity, and cloudless morning allowing YHC to enjoy seeing the dawn stars)

Limited audience this morning for a partner workout made it really quick and easy to explain what was going to take place.  Called out the Disclaimer and we took off on a Circuit workout geared to enable all fitness levels the ability to push themselves as well as partnering up to create accountability.

Together, Bullwinkle and YHC completed 5 laps of the below circuit around Stalling Elementary School for a total of 2.04 miles.

The Thang: (LBCs as the 6 hold exercise vs plank… I really dislike planks)
Station 1:
15 dips at the outside lunch room tables (Run to next station)

Station 2:
15 partner leg throws (doing you best to ensure your feet do not touch the ground through entire set) (Run to next station)

Station 3:
Catch your breath with a People’s chair up against back wall with 15 civilian count air presses (Run to next station)

Station 4:
15 WW2 sit-ups at front left corner of school (Run to next station)

Station 5:
Plank walk hand-over-hand down 2 curb sections straight into 10 burpees at front entry of school. (Run to next station)

Rinse and repeat until 6:10am

Like all other AOs I am sure the challenges at Conviction are the same.  As the Q, creating a Boot Camp beat down ahead of time that can accommodate an unknown number of variables from weather, to PAX size, to PAX condition, to last minute AO modifications.  Yet at the end of the Boot Camp, no matter what, as a Q or Site Q’s you make sure to have left no man behind, challenge leaders to push themselves just a little bit harder, strengthened our shield bonds, and always end with the COT.  As an F3 gypsy, YHC has been to 6 different Regions this year and I can tell you that all the Regions have their own flavor of COT.  However, I have recently seen some AOs that have decided to “Skip” this part and F1 until the last minute.  After church this past Sunday, YHC had an excellent conversation with Dredd and Borland on the foundations of the COT to conclude the F3 workouts that I wish I could have recorded. (to sum it up for you)  As leaders, we need to make sure we are not reinforcing this action.  The foundation of Fellowship and Faith are part of the 3-legged stool that make up the 3 F’s for us.  If you are allowing just F1 at your AO then you need to ask yourself why and it may be a good time to review the Foundations of F3.  Here you go… I will help you with the link:

MAJOR T-CLAPs to BullWinkle today on pushing himself through the Leg throws. You killed it brother!!!


  • Announcements:
    Union County F2 Happy hour Thursday 4/19/2018: 7pm to 9pm Hickory Tavern, 6400 Weddington Rd, Wesley Chapel NC
  • SPN events are lining up quickly. Visit: to pick a race that is calling to you.  SPN needs F3 and F3 needs SPN.. let’s do it together.  Please reach out to SPN if your locations need training on the Chariots and YHC will do my best to help.
  • Sunday OTB tweet and meet F2 pace Running occurring around the Lack Park City and Stallings area around noonish weekly. (you may end up getting in a conversation about Agony’s weekly message)

See you all in the Gloom real soon!!




Glad to pull in and see Tagalong placing the actual shovel flag firmly in the terra firma.  She was waving proudly.  A few pre-runners.  Bunker, Enron, Gumbo, Frasier, perhaps.  Dark and difficult to see across lot as they came in.  Rest of the crew arrived by vehicle.  YHC disclaimed the group and we took off.  YHC mentioned the real shovel flag, right?  That should be a thing.

Mosey past the movie theatre front doors and into the lot in front of Jersey Mike’s in the general vicinity of where Smoke used to be.  Last time YHC Q’d at Stonecrest, COP was completed with the sumptuous smell of BBQ wafting through the air.  A thing of beauty that is no more.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Smurf Jack x 10 IC

Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Mosey up to Elm.  Hang a right, then a left on Elmstone, aka, Murderhorn.  Continue mosey to Elmstone Park rock pile.  Grab the biggest lifting rock you can handle.

Rock Set

Civilian cadence.  Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Rockee x 10 OYO

AYG up Murderhorn to 2nd street light on the right.  Mosey back.

Rock Set

Curl x 10/OH Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Repeat/10 Rockees OYO

AYG to 1st street light and back to rocks.

Rock Mary 

Rock stays pressed above chest.  Feet stay up.

Flutter x 10 IC/Dolly x 10 IC/LBC x 10 IC/Chest Press x 10 IC/Hold/5 Rockees OYO

Mosey up Murderhorn.  Stop at each street light and complete 10 Merkin OYO.  Stop at Thorncrest.

Plank-o-rama.  RAH/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/6 inches/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/10 Count.

Rosebriar Loops

AYG Clockwise around Rosebriar.  Stop at each of 3 islands.

Loop 1- 5 Hand-Release Burpees

Loop 2- 10 Heels to Heaven

Burpees to wait for the six.

Mosey across Elm to Launch Lot.  Circle up.


Freddie Mercury x 10 IC.  Hold 6 inches.

Flutter x 50 IC.  Hold.

Dolly x 30 IC.  Flip over to High Plank.

Merkin x 10 IC.

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10

Alternating Rib Shots x 10

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10



Right out of the gate in the initial mosey, Haze started providing motivating chatter (aka, Talking Smack) to Frasier.  Haze was out in front of Frasier and seemed to think he could stay there throughout the workout.  Very bold statement, IMO, but, Haze has been crushing the runs lately.  He is in good shape and regularly out front.  The head to head competition played out like this, to the best of my memory:

Mosey to COP: Frasier

1st AYG to 2nd Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze

2nd AYG to 1st Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze, by a horsehair with Frasier closing fast.

Merkin Mosey up Murderhorn: Tie

1st Rosebriar loop: Frasier

2nd Rosebriar Loop: Frasier

Mosey back to launch: Haze

Todays’s champ: Haze

YHC appreciates the motivating chatter this morning.  This is why we get up in the morning, and, why we get better.  You get faster by running with faster men.  Encourage the guy next to you.  Better yet, challenge him.  Disclaimer: above results unofficial and subject to audit by any and all pax present.

Wingman showed some fast twitch on the AYG runs and up Murderhorn.  No Show and Bunker as well.  Group stayed together for the most part.  Glad to meet Zekeface.  He had to explain the name.  Now I get it.  Strong work out there today men.  Thanks for the invitation to Q a fine group of hard-working men.


Camping at Cane Creek.  F3 Dads.  Friday and Saturday nights this week.  See camping channel in Slack or hit up Frasier for details.  We have 3 campsites reserved.

Day Zero: Song, Scripture, and Prayer for Jennings Palmer.  04/19/2018 at 7:30 at RTS Charlotte Chapel.  2101 Carmel Road.  All are welcome.  Jennings is receiving a bone marrow transplant to help treat his leukemia.




7 PAX welcomed the 20+ degree weather shift and a Paper Jam Q at Anvil this morning.  A Mermaid inspired disclaimer was provided and we were off. A short mosey over to the South Charlotte Library for:


SSH x 15, flutter x 15, IW x 15, flutter x 15, LSS x 15, flutter x 15


(4) In the parking lot near the front entrance of the library, 4 corners using the traffic island. Diamond Merkins, Regular Merkins, Wide Arm Merkin, Hand Release Merkins. 3 rounds, increasing reps, 10x, 15x, 20x.

(3) Mosey back to Calvary Campus using the sidewalk down Rea Rd and up the driveway to find the rock pile. Divide into teams of 3 for a triangle grinder. Carry the rock a little way to form the triangle.  Station 1: rock curls, Station 2, bench dips in the hot box, Station 3, pull ups at the playground. The group at the rock pile leads the way. Two rounds.

(2) Put the rocks back and mosey to the benches near the main church entrance to work on legs. 2 exercises. Split Squats on Q count (15 reps 2 sets) and Step Ups (10 reps then 15 reps each leg). Then 2 stretches for the hamstrings.

(1) Return to the launch site where each PAX calls 1 exercise of Mary. Finish with 1 round of elbow plank.


This was my first appearance at Anvil in quite some time and may have been my first time Qing at this site.

Lorax fought off the fart sack and end of tax season to post and I “lapped” both Brilleaux and Rachel in a called exercise. The called exercise was a hamstring stretch.  The rest of the morning they were ahead of me.  Good to meet Hammer.  Purell and Snooka killed it as usual.

Thank you Lorax for the take out and I appreciate the opportunity to lead.





Bear Crawl Bridge

Bear Crawl Bridge

Twelve pax braved the unseasonably cold morning to face Bear Crawl Bridge.  While Watchtower isn’t a new AO, we’ve been discovering new pleasantries to entertain the Pax with.  Today was no exception.  Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Warm up:

  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • 20 Side Straddle Hop
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Low Slow Squats


Today was about new beginnings. This is a tough crowd that demands fresh F3 experiences.  I mean let’s face it, the Pax in this group fixate on discussions about “man touching” and insist that if it has nipples “it can be milked”.  You don’t leave Pax like that idle to their own devices.  Am I right or am I right?  A good Q recognizes the peril in that and quickly seeks to begin the beat down.  Taking a page from the AMRAP, we played with a trial run of an AMRAP”ish” solo course.

  • Station 1: 20 Incline Merkins…run to the next station;
  • Station 2: 20 Supine Pull-ups…run to the bridge;
  • Station 3: Bear Crawl across the bridge (or if you chose to modify you could lunge walk across with a 5 burpee tax at both ends of the bridge)…run to the low wall by the stadium;
  • Station 4: 20 Dips;
  • Repeat the process in reverse;
  • Complete 3 Times

So, note to self at the conclusion of this experiment was that we should have repeated 4-5 times instead of 3.  However, that left time to play.

  • Grab a lifting rock;
  • 20x Curls;
  • Lunge walk back across the bridge with your rock;
  • 20x Overhead Press at the far end of the bridge;
  • Lunge walk back across the bridge with your rock;
  • 20x Curls

Still some time left on the clock!

  • Mosey back to the starting parking lot;
  • 2x Suicides to the first speed bump and then the far lights

Finally, we burned up the remaining minutes and circled up for some brief Mary

  • 20 American Hammers
  • 10 Box Cutters



  • Well, the barometer I use to determine whether a good Q has been executed on is the amount of mumblechatter throughout.  If they can speak, they can breath, and that means they aren’t working hard enough. Today was light on mumblechatter.  Furthermore, I saw a lot of jello arms trying to push out the rock curls at the end.  Great group today and great effort by all.  Huckleberry and Harry Cary hung in there.  Moneyball (I think) was crying about his calf again.  I think Moneyball asked Frack an anatomy question about muscles around the knee.  Of course the extent of Frack’s anatomical knowledge begins and ends with pecs, biceps, triceps, lats, and muscles of the vaginal region.  As one would expect Fracks’ answer to Moneyball included something about a vaginal muscle that looked like an Arby’s sandwich.  Personally, I didn’t seek further explanation (as I may never be able to unsee that mental imagery) and simply mentioned I hadn’t had Arby’s in 20 years (and may never again).


  • Continued prayer for the unnamed brother whose wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Sign up for the F3 Lawson Craft Fair booth.  Bottlecap is crocheting F3 hot plate mats that we will be giving away while attempting to EH unsuspecting attendees into posting.  I mean maybe I’m crazy for being the only one to think this….but do we really think any dude’s are going to show up to this event?  I don’t know……just me maybe. 
  • Sign up for the Operation Sweet Tooth 5k Virtual Run at Commitment on Saturday –

Just for Attendance…

As this was a week old, and posted after the following week’s Backblast, it will be used as an attendance record for the most part.  What was recalled is that the hills of Ballantyne Corp Place were used over intervals of:

  • 5 minutes hard (a.k.a. Interval pace / VO2Max), 4 minutes recovery
  • 4/3
  • 3/2
  • 2/1
  • 2/1
  • 3/2
  • 4/3

The last 5min was skipped due to “time running out”.

Total time at VO2Max Pace was 23min.  Total time the previous week over same pace intervals on flat ground was 20minutes (5 x 4min intervals).  Progression – check!

Cobains if you aren’t on Strava or your name isn’t Paper Jam.  Otherwise, your attendance will have to be recorded in the Comments and I can update list of PAX later.

Strava Perfect Attendance!

12 PAX headed off from the Vine Parking lot at 0515 on Tuesday into a mosey over to the very familiar Bull Ring.  2 PAX surprised us there to round out our merry band this morning.  1 PAX was REALLY late.


  • Preblast was “Slack-blasted” only – apologies for those looking to for instructions.
  • 0500 – 5 or 6 PAX were moving in full head to toe clothing.  Temps must be low.
  • 0515 – 12 PAX leave the parking lot on a mosey over to the Bull Ring’s putting green.  2 more PAX find us there.
  • 0525 – Warm-up exercises of Penguins, Giraffes, Hyenas, Donkeys, A-skip for distance, A-skip for height, B-skips
  • 0535ish – go over final workout instructions and start 3 rounds of:
    • 200m at Repetition Pace (a.k.a. 1 mile race pace, find yours at, 200m recovery
    • 200m at Repetition Pace, 200m recovery
    • 600m at Repetition Pace (or 2:00 max), 600m recovery and regroup the pack
  • 0605 – finish round 3 and head back to Vine on a long mosey
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe

The Moleskin:

  • Last month for distance-based intervals, PAX took on 3200m of intervals in the form of 8 x 400m.  So, with only 3000m this week (3x(200+200+600)), it should be easier, right?  Wrong!  If you aren’t using the 200m intervals to relax and get the speed right, it’s not impossible to do 1 round of the 600m at the same speed, but you’ll suffer on the next round.  YHC found that to be true and needed additional recovery (i.e. bending over, gasping for air, nearly dry heaves, walking around for a bit) after the 600m #2 & #3. So, next time, YHC will need to be better about looking at the watch for the opening intervals instead of just going with the flow of the PAX or how you feel.
  • We’re losing the Six – where did the Six go?  It’s not that they were left behind, but that there was very little separation from front to back today.  PAX were in a tight group this morning and it was easy to get in 3 rounds in because it didn’t take long to regroup.
  • Citgo was rocking some :35 second 200m intervals and let it go with a couple of 1:54 600m intervals.  Both hovering below 5:00/mi pace.
  • Haggis, back from a run last week where he got so frustrated with his shoes, he discarded them and ran in his socks on the roads of the British Isles, was happy to have shoes on and mad enough to not let Bunker take the inside lane (we saw that move around him Haggis, but we’ll withold the DQ until the official time trial).
  • Bunker, Depth Charge, Enron, and Woodson formed the Peloton today and had very good consistency in the 5:20-5:30/mi pace range.  They are definitely the benchmark for PAX who put in the work week after week and show continual gains.  Enron is looking for a trail race that you have to qualify for instead of the Boston Marathon – pretty sure that means he just volunteered to be the first F3 PAX from Charlotte (perhaps anywhere) to attempt the Barkley “Marathons”.
  • Erector & Meatloaf were close together in the 6:00-6:20/mi pace range for the intervals, and both opted for the full 600 every time.
  • Das Boot – starting to have an on-time record approaching Bratwurst and Gumbo territory, he’ll need to learn that the 0500 start time is so that you’re never late (for the 0515 start time).  Showing off some speed in the 200s with 6:00/mi paces!
  • Cheddar – full key ring jingling today while tapering for the Smoky Mountain Relay this weekend, he never hit the Lap button, but a detailed look into Strava showed he wasn’t taking it easy.  Good luck Cheddar!
  • Wait a freakin’ second???  Was this workout not hard enough for Frasier, Thin Mint, and Mario, so that they had to sneak in an extra round while the rest of the PAX were moseying back to the Vine?  Check it here.  Sure does seem like it.  Hats off to them.  And not exactly slow either.  Apparently, it was Thin Mint’s idea – Frasier took the bait and Mario never met a challenge he could pass up.
  • And how did we know all of this today – all 14 PAX were on Strava!  Now, if Fredo would have been there, and he should have been after asking about the last 3 workouts, we might not have had perfect Strava attendance (unless I’m missing Fredo tracking on Strava), but it’s great to see the PAX there use Strava as a tool to look back at workouts, track consistency, know improvement, and have goals within a workout instead of just “running by feel” – which apparently Woodson “felt” 🙁 an extra something this morning – don’t know how it came out…
  • Late breaking news…Gumbo was really late


  • Next week at Swift = form drills for running really fast, including starts, and intervals of 200m or less.  Great workout for practicing your run form, getting to 100% exertion with the right amount of recovery, and getting in 4-5miles.
  • Timekeeper agenda for next 6-8 weeks is the discussion of the book “Extreme Ownership”.  Book chapters 2 (No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders) and 3 (Believe) will be lead by Thin Mint and Citgo.