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Amrap Course #2 Finale

All good things must come to an end… just as bell bottoms, leather ties, wine coolers, 8 tracks and collar up Izods made their mark on modern culture and then faded has the Impromptu AMRAP #2 Course.  With that said I envisioned a record number of PAX  would show up to put a final beat down on the course and then watch it implode.  Imagine my surprise when I turned into Cuthby to see a packed parking lot….holly crap this is going to be huge – could we top 100? do we even have 100 rocks, benches?  My mind was racing – Would the Playhouse be honored by Corporate F3? – maybe a news spot, parade or dedication of an F3 Playhouse Statue at the Meck/Union County border? ……. darn…..

13 PAX made the decision to honor “The Course” one last time the other 87 cars were for the Cuthby DC Trip……

Warm Up – Mosey the course with some stops at the stations (20SSH/10 low slow Merkins/Moroccan Nite Clubs/ Squats/Burpees)

The Thing = “The Course” – Gentlemen start your engines!!!

All gave tremendous effort today. Over the course of 6 months t45 PAX that have attempted “The Course” – many have failed – but those that show up time and time again tame the beast.  Here’s who threw down today.

Dasher 4.3 – prefers the warm weather courses, but comes out of semi-hibernation to post a good number, while pairing with FNG Easy Button.

Rockwell 4 – Comes out and posts a Final Four – maybe because Duke couldn’t get their with a loaded squad?  Great work!!! Wasn’t wearing a Duke Shirt

Mad Dog 3.3 – High character Mad Dog took to mentoring Cyrus on his virgin Q – leadership… great work

Cyrus 3.3 – Could have use the “Do-Rag” today as he was working hard on this first Amrap.  Dude says he never excercised or ran!!!! youngblood.  great work

Posse 4.1 – Just might change his name to “Diesel” takes a bit to warm up – but keeps at it – doesn’t stop.  Impressive results.  Also gets the “Most Dedicated Amrap” award – he shows up early on days when we push back Amrap due to holidays.  tclaps all around

Old MacDonald 4 – My records indicate this was his first attempt at #2.  Blazed out of the gate and set an impressive pace. Looking forward to #3 he says.  Awesome

Fusebox 4 – fresh off a “floater q” – the King of Beers takes the Bud wagon around the course and leaves his mark.  keeps crushing it week in week out

Bottlecap 5.3 – I keep trying to throw hurdles at him to make the course more difficult, but BC just ignores them and demolished the course.  Two awards 1)Perfect Attendance – made it to all 6!! and Total Rounds = 31.1   Well done!!!!!!

Xerox (R) – 3.1  Most guys would not even show up with a busted shoulder – let alone post on a regular basis.  He’s getting in shape!!!!  55 is the new 30!!!!!!

Big 10 – 3.3  First time around the course and seems to be re-emerging from the shadows.  Good to see you out here brother!!!!!! Way to push today.  Glad you are back

Easy Button (FNG) 4.3 – Showed up late in Billy Hoyle fashion and almost laid the hustle down on us.  Set the pace with Dasher.  Not sure if he ran back to Lawson or not?  Welcome!!!!


TGIF Brothers



Meru the Mud Runner and the Audit

Not only did we mistakenly think that we would have a low mileage day with Meru at the helm, but we never would have expected this!

Warm up:

  • SSH x 30 IC #slowestCadenceEVER! The comments started quickly from our new friend Hermes from Apex AO.  We didn’t realize until later that we were being audited!
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC – Hermes,#theaudit, also enjoyed throwing an “and” in before IC count.  This led to some fun smiles. And we were just getting started!

The thang

  • The Strong Start: Line up for a suicide in the parking lot. Meru brought it hard coming in 3rd place!
  • Mosey down the valley to Tattersall dr. ( This was already further away from our AO than I expected to find ourselves on this fine morning.  #theaudit said “Meru, what is that a digital winky!”  We certainly are not going to pass!)
  • It’s time for “pushups” oh no! Dont forget about #theaudit Meru! “Pushups!  What are those!” Meru, “I’m new at this!” Merkins x 15 IC
  • Run 70% to park rd. Plank until the 6 -plank series by YHC
  • Take a right!  Where are we going! Further into the gloom – instructions were given: run to Quail Hill rd! Questions were asked: quail hollow estates?  You know that’s pretty far away right? We humbly submitted to our leader
  • Plank series until the 6
  • Time for more running!  Run through Quail Hollow estates to Sharon Rd West.  No questions asked- just a few unspoken thoughts, this is going to be hard to make it back to the vflag ontime.
  • Plank series until the 6
  • Meru says “this way guys!” This is where things start to get interesting! We start running further away from the AO. Or so we thought.  Becky finally figured out out.  Hes taking is down the unfinished greenway!
  • The unfinished mudway mud run ensued.  Meru, “this wasn’t as muddy the other day when I tested it out!” The pax, “did you forget about the monsoon which occurred over the last couple days?”  Meru, “toughen up buttercup! ”  I may have made that last line up but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it.  Into the mud we sloshed!
  • Highlights: lots of bobbing and weaving in the dark?  The unsure left or right path.  Didn’t matter there was no good path to take.  YHC LOST HIS SHOE IN THE MUD PIT FROM HELL! “Can someone grab my shoe please?”
  • Finally freed back into the civilized world of pavement we landed in the park.
  • LBCs X 20 IC – sort of IC but more of the #slowestCadenceEVER! #WITHLOVE.  More comments from #theaudit brought to us by Hermes from Carey, “the cadence is 1 down and 2 on the up”
  • Plank series led by the Qic. It was Quick, we were running out of time.
  • Run to the top of the valley.
  • Run the valley
  • Run to the Vflag – #theaudit says” circle up at the shovel flag! Oh wait, there’s no flag”  perhaps it was the final straw




If was a glorious gloom! With Meru throwing down the mileage mudrun guantlet!  Thank you brother!  That was fun! And a big thanks to Hermes from @apexcarey for the external audit.  It was great entertainment and you got GOP to promise the shovel flag next week! Come back anytime brother!

thanks to Becky for bring us out!

The Murderhorn Bores Me

14 PAX came early and often to Rebel Yell to find out if we were getting in miles or working on soccer arms. We all kept waiting for Loogie to arrive, but the clock struck 5:30 and he was nowhere to be found, so after a proper disclaimer we were off and running.

Mosey to somewhere in front of Harris Teeter for:


SSH x 10, 5 merkins OYO, IW x 10, 5 hand release merkins OYO, LSS x 10, 5 hand release merkins OYO, 10 flutter


Mosey down the street to Carolina Rehab parking lot for a merkin triangle using corners of parking lot and the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Rea Rd as the 3 points.  3 rounds.  10 regular merkins 15 diamond merkins, 20 wide arm merkins.  Wall sits after each round waiting on the six.

Mosey across Ballantyne Commons to another parking lot with a building. Using the 4 corners of the building it was time to do some ab work.  LBCs and Heels to Heaven, 2 rounds 15x.

Mosey up the service road to the “parking deck” at Uwharrie Bank and Brown Bag Now  (more on that later), run up the stairs to the top and cross the street back to Stone Crest. Find the tables near Flying Biscuit to work on legs. Split squats. Two rounds 12x on each leg Q count.

Mosey over to Firebirds for step ups and dips. 2 rounds 10x each leg for step ups and 10x in cadence count on dips.

Mosey back to launch for mary. A called exercise by Mighty Mite and Strawberry left enough time for 5 burpees OYO.


The challenge when Qing a well-established site is trying to find something new and fresh. The level of difficulty is increased when work outs are scheduled on consecutive days in that same location.  I don’t remember anyone going down Rea Rd and making a left so I thought I would try that out.

Then I noticed some office space and parking lots across the street and I was confident that no one had traveled there. We did find a rock pile that would have been perfect for Loogie. Only Mighty Mite in our group seemed eager to pick one of those up.

I’m not sure how many miles we covered since I don’t own one of those fancy watches, so cannot say there was alot of running.


On Monday May 5th, Uncle Rico is launching Brown Bag Now across the street from StoneCrest.  It is a fast casual restaurant.  He already has some locations in Tennessee, this is their first location in Charlotte. I tried placing a hyperlink to the website but just in case it does not work, here it is:

Many service opportunities available, Speed For Need, Church on Streets, etc. get on Slack and Twitter for daily updates or to mumblechatter like a bunch of old women.

DaVinci needs a Q for this Saturday not named Strawberry, Mighty Mite or Bucky.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.


Staying Upwind of the PAX

It was a very nice morning to get out to workout this morning.  We had 5 PAX show up for the Arsenal in Indian Land and 2 of those pre-ran a modified route from normal.  General and I got a little more than a 5k before the main event.  3 more PAX joined us back in the parking lot in front of the school.

The Thang

Warmup mosey around the parking lot

-SSH, mountain climbers, imperial walker, hillbilly walker, windmill, Moroccan nightclub

-Mosey back to the cars to grab a couple of sandbags and mosey to the middle school

Drop the sandbags in front of the middle school and did ATMs (20 cadence Alternating shoulder taps, 10 Tempo Merkins (1, 2, 3 slow count down, 4 up), 10 Merkins (fast count). Switch who carries the sandbags and mosey over to the high school parking lot.

5 station workout with timer

Round 1 – merkins, squats with sandbag, burpees, diamond merkins, sandbag carry across parking lot (timer)

All PAX completed one round of each exercise.

Round 2 – Carolina dry-docks, up-right rows with sandbag, lunges, merkins, sandbag carry across parking lot (timer)

Drop the sandbags and do a couple rounds of the Bataan Death March.  PAX are doing an Indian run with the last guy doing a called exercise (5 merkins) and then catch the rest of the PAX and then the new guy in the back drops and does the exercise.  Continue until all PAX complete the exercise.  We then did one more round with 5 diamond merkins as the exercise.

Pick up the sandbags and head over to the playground

Another 5 station workout with the timer being a lap around the playground

– pull ups, up-right rows with sandbag, Carolina dry-docks, squats with sandbag, run

We then did pull-ups and lunges beginning at 10 and decreased by two each round until down to 2 count.  Back to COT.


The goal today quickly became apparent as the PAX warmed up and a symphony of gas induced horns began to sound.  Apparently both General and Doc Mcstuffins had some interesting meals last night.  However, the PAX still were able to put in a good effort this morning despite the added fragrance in the air.  When it was Cheddars turn to carry a sandbag, he looked at it for a while.  I guess judging wither or not it was safe to touch.  He overcame his initial fear and did quite well. Doc Mcstuffins showed us how to run with a sandbag as he blazed back and forth across the parking lot.  To finish off the morning, One Niner gave us some personal information to preemptively excuse his absence in the coming weeks.  Anyway, thanks to all for sticking with me this morning.  I really appreciate the opportunity to Q.  My first year with F3 has been great!

Ballistic and Grind

With Amazon tunes rocking and boiler-plate disclosure given, YHC got things moving:

20IC – SSH
20IC – IW
2IC – Merkins
10IC – LSS

Main Thang

Partner up, round 1: Ballistic
P1 does listed exercise, P2 does Merkins, holds plank, or recovers

1. 50 2-hand Swing
2. 25 R Snatch/ 25 L Snatch
3. 25 R High-pull/ 25 L High-pull
4. BOTH PARTNERS TOGETHER: Alternating swing, 200 total

Waiter carry to school, switch arm and return on track Go to playground.
11s: Pull-up/ Viking Push Press (R+L=1)  TIME! somewhere around the 7/4 range

Suitcase carry R back to school, switch to L and return to parking lot

Partner up, round 2: Grinds
Light/high to heavy/low reps
20, 10, 5 and 1 (5-count down/5-count up) of the following.
Partner does Mary or recovers.
Weight should be 50%max/75%/90%/MAX

1. Racked Squat
2. Upright Row
3. Curl
4. Tricep Extension




Sign up to Q Meathead – ping Voodoo

Tai Chi version of Gumby this coming Wednesday, bring your own sword

Gear Order coming up – ping High Tide


Hope all got a good beatdown this morning.  The goal was ballistic for more cardio in the beginning, then intermission with some pullups and silliness, then grinds at the end to get properly pumped.  Grinds are much easier in a gym with the full range of bars and dumbbells, but since we were only doing a few sets, it worked out (IMHO).  11s for pullups and Viking Salutes was a bad idea, I admit it.  We’ll do 7’s next time.

After the question was raised, I had to look it up:  Good banter ensued.

Thanks for the prompt from Voodoo to Q.  And thanks for the rest of you following along with my suggestions (mostly).


Today’s edition of Meathead is sponsored by a grant from the Center for Cultural Sensitivity.

Beat The Q

12 Pax came out to see if they could beat the Q and the Q was beaten quite easily.  In fact, the Q was beaten so bad, he had a lot more time left over at the end than he anticipated.  That made for some awkwardly thrown together exercises that were barked out between large gasps of breath.

Two FNG’s came out after months of EH’ing from yours truly.  The pamphlet created by Deflated was what pushed them over the edge to get out so a big thank you for the work that went into that.  It looks very professional, in fact – almost too professional for this rag tag bunch.  Welcome Wild Thing and Frozen.


Warm up

Mosey to Laundry Mat (I was told my opening pace was faster than they were use to out of me.  Apparently they were right because I was huffing and puffing pretty hard by the time we reached the laundry mat).

25 SSH

20 Opposite elbow mountain climbers

10 3-6-9’s

10 Potato Pickers


The Thang

Mosey to Animal Hospital.

10 Merkins at each station, 5 stations total for 50 total Merkins.  Finish with a final set of 20 T Merkins.  Key was to not let the Q beat any Pax.  If I did, we would redo the exercise.  Apparently Posse didn’t quite understand the meaning of Beat the Q.  I thought the whole time he was struggling like me, then he realized he had to beat me and he turned on another gear.  FNG’s were well ahead of me from the get go so no luck in catching one of them….looks like the Pax would be spared of repeating this exercise.

Rock Pile for a Heavy Lifting Rock

21’s (except they were 30’s). Curl bottom half for 10, top half for 10, full curl for 10.

Military Press Ladder with a hold – 10, 9 hold for 1, 8 hold for 2…..

Short Mosey to the hill for Triple Nickle (I think???)

10 Burpees at bottom of hill, run backwards to top, 10 Dry Docks.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  Another beat the Q exercise.  This time I did get close in beating Wild Thing (FNG), but the Pax started getting the hang of this working together to beat the Q game.  Foundation laid a couple of checks into the board to slow me down.  He must have been talking with Frozen (FNG) a former pro hockey player.

10 count by Posse then noticed that some of the Pax took their sweet time getting back to starting position from helping 6 in.  Money Ball for an additional 5 count.

Jailbreak to the Laundry Mat stop sign.  Another beat the Q game.  I was on the heels of a few of the guys the first 1/4 of the hill.  By the time I made it within reach of the stop sign I was gassed and most of the Pax had been there awhile.

Extremely slow mosey (in fact most would call it a walk) back towards the church.  Once I got my breath in check enough to talk I instructed 25 T claps as we walked.

Partner Up.  Partner 1 hold wooden fence for low slow jumping squat – 25 count.  Partner 2 In/Out Merkin  2 Rounds

Partner Leg throws – Left, Center, Right, Center was 1 round.  10 rounds total.  Damascus will be so disappointed to hear he missed a little man touch, even though it was only hands to shoes.  A sarcastic thank you to Mad Dog (my partner) for dripping sweat into my eye.  I admit I did an extra lean forward trying to aim mine, but I don’t think my aim is as good as his.  There is probably a really good joke here, but I will leave that up to the imagination in an attempt to keep this Back blast semi clean.

Quick watch check – 6 minutes left.  (I had counted on beating the pax at least one of the times we were racing)  What to do now with all this extra time……Mosey to Stop sign for suicides.  Beat the Q back in play.  Got close to Posse at the end, but he heard my footsteps and hit that extra gear again.

Watch Check 4 minutes.  Seriously!??  Lunge walk until I could catch my breath.

Watch Check 2 minutes.  Asked Posse to lead American Hammers while I grabbed my phone.  Deflated wrapped us up with Lolita’s.  Watch check 6:15.


Mole Skin

Thanks to all those that came out.  A big thank you to the 2 FNG’s that showed after months of me asking and pushing.  One told me he would come just so I would quit asking.  Hopefully he enjoyed enough to join us again.

Wild Thing named for his love of the Cleveland Indians and Major League being his favorite movie.

Frozen named because he was a former pro hockey player and his wife’s love of Disney.

I was told there were two Jingles sightings this week – yet the 1 day I show up he is nowhere to be found.  His shirt still rides in my car…..going on month 4 now.

Posse came in on two wheels.  Being the FNG whisperer, I pictured him in one of those old Folgers commercials – smells the FNG’s and hops out of bed tearing out of Lawson to make it to The Floater in time.  Posse, thanks as always for your leadership, kindness, and inviting spirit towards the new guys.

As we were doing name-o-rama there was a whole half of the group I didn’t realize was there.  I guess that’s what happens when you lead from the back.  Good work from Shampoodle and Loafer to not even be in my sights when I was trying to catch Pax.

If you liked the workout, I will be at it again at Weddington on Saturday.



Mad Dog collecting money for a not so secret Stub Hub baby gift from the F3 group.  He will be collecting money Friday and Saturday.  Thanks go his M for doing the dirty work and actually buying the gift(s).  We all know if it were left up to us they would be getting a box of diapers and a 6 pack of beer – well maybe 5 pack of beer.



Bringing Back Non Running Boot Camps

As I said on Twitter the rain would stop, of course the ground was soaked. 8 men still skipped the temptation of fart sacing and headed into the gloom for an old school boot camp.

The warm up:
One lap around the parking lot and circle up. Gave the disclaimer cause we had two new FNGs Jane and Stich head locked by Jock Strap.
20 X SHH
20 X IW
10 X slow merkins
20 X Squats

The Thang:
Line up at the first hoop, run to each of the next three hoops stopping at each, then run back to starting hoop elbow plank until everyone is done
1st hoop 10 regular merkins
2nd hoop 10 close grip merkins
3rd hoop 10 wide arm merkins
Pax loved this and even more excited when I said we would do it again but with 20 merkins at each hoop.

Only 10 mins in and 100 merkins down, should not have lifted Tuesday. That reminded me my apologies to Queen if he made it to Gumby. I had told him all about it and was ready to go, until Smokey emailed me at midnight letting me know I have to Q. Well back to the workout

After warming up the chest we moseyed to the bleachers by the baseball field on the way grabbing a rock and picking a partner.
Round 1.
Partner 1 will run to the bleachers by the track then do 20 X Jump Squats, 20 X step ups, 20 X Lunges
Partner 2 does 10 X curls, 10 X Dips, 10 X supine pullups and repeats until partner gets back
Flip flop then plank until everyone has completed both
Round 2.
Partner 1 will run to the bleachers by the track then do 20 X Jump Squats, 20 X step ups, 20 X Lunges
Partner 2 Does 20 X deadlifts, 20 X overhead press, 20 X supine pullups repeat until partner gets back
Flip flop and plank until everyone has completed both
Round 3.
Partner 1 will run to the bleachers by the track then do 20 X Jump Squats, 20 X step ups, 20 X Lunges
Partner 2 10 curls, 10, deadlifts, 10 overhead presses, 10 dips and 10 supine pullups repeat until your partner gets back
Flip flop then plank until everyone has completed both. Of course, the Q was last on the run part.

Mosey back to the school while dropping the rocks

Circle up for some jack webb, not as easy as everyone thinks
1 merkin and 4 air presses
2 merkins and 8 air presses
Only made it to 6 merkins and 24 air press everyone sure was quick to point out we had run out of time

Thank you, Dollywood and Smokey, for the honor of letting me Q always a privilege. Smokey next time let me know before midnight the day before. I got a great deal on shorts at the adidas sale last month still not sure what the shorts are for not for swimming, not for working out, not casual wear but very uncomfortable. Great job by the pax and FNGs, I think this is the first time I was at a workout where the majority was in their 20s. Welcome Jane and Stich both already in excellent shape, although they could stand to practice a little more jack webb. Well Jane used to climb trees and Tarzan was too strong of a name. Stich, got stiches on his chin back in the day. Q asked for embarrassing moments. Jock Strap nice job with the headlocks. Pudding Pop thanks for being my partner. Funky cold excellent job out there today and need to hear how you got that name. Smokey thanks for taking us out.

Watch Your Step!


16 men gathered this morning at Dromedary.  The rain finally stopped but we had some wet conditions to deal with.  I did my best to keep the Pax out of the grass, mud and puddles but there were a lot of call outs for everyone to Watch Their Step!

Here’s what went down:


  • Side Straddle Hop x 25
  • Potato Picker x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • Hillbilly x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20


  • Head down the street in front of the school. Burpees at each light pole.  1 Burpee at the first light pole, 2 Burpees at the second, 3 at the third, and so on…
  • Mosey to the benches between the tennis courts. Partner up – partner 1 Step Up while partner 2 runs down the sidewalk and back.  Flap Jack.  100 total Step Ups.
  • Mosey to the back of the school (wall). On the way do Burpees at each light pole.  1 Burpee at the first pole, 2 Burpees at the second, 3 at the third, and so on…
  • Grab some wall – Shoulder Press in cadence x 40, Jabs in cadence x 40 (thanks Abacus for counting!)
  • Donkey Kicks x 20
  • Mosey to the picnic tables
  • Partners again – Partner 1 Dips while partner 2 runs along sidewalk to the road and back. Flap jack.  100 total Dips
  • Off to the rock pile. Each man gets a lifting rock.
    • Circle up with rocks
      • 20 Curls, 20 Tricep press, 20 Overhead Press
      • 15 Curls, 15 Tricep press, 15 Overhead Press
      • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep press, 10 Overhead Press
      • After each set we put the rocks down and stepped one space to our left.
    • Rocks back to the pile
    • Parking lot suicides. At each line do 5 Merkins and then 1 Burpee on the return.
    • The Finale – Parking lot suicides up the hill. Run to each tree and back.



I always enjoy working out with such a great group of guys.

  • There was an Abacus sighting – great to see him back!
  • Apparently, Boucher had a “procedure” done so he can no longer reproduce. Goodfella created a nice awkward moment by asking Boucher how his “private parts” were doing.
  • We didn’t scare Cyrus off on Monday as he was back this morning putting in a great effort. That guy gets after it!  Our elite crew that is normally at the front of the pack (guys like Dasher, Goodfella, Hollywood, Bottlecap, etc..) may have some new company in Cyrus!
  • I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jingles 2 times already this week!

It was a great effort by all!  Thanks to Goodfella for taking us out with a prayer!

The PAX: Foundation, Deflated, Erector, Xerox (R), Delta, Jingles, Hooch, Dasher, Goodfella, The Grease Monkey (R), Cyrus, Shake N Bake, Mad Dog, Boucher, Abacus (R), Rockwell


  • Need some Q’s for Dromedary.  Who is going to step up?
  • Don’t forget Floater in Waxhaw tomorrow morning.

Less than 2 miles? What is this?!

Wherefore art thou Shovel Flag?  Under the somewhat approving eyes of our N’antan – YHC delivered an average disclaimer and 16 men launched into the humpday gloom at Anvil.  Runstopper fully secured the morning’s LIFO title and joined us as we circled around for him.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

The pax ran over to the front of the gym building for COP and did the following:

Slow squat x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC; Had to remind some of the pax to match my cadence count; if I were naming names I would list Snuka as one of the offenders….

Slow flutter x 20 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x 20 IC

Mosey to the adjacent lot nearest Rt. 51.  Partner Up.

YHC, as is the fate of all Q’s, was without a partner with the odd #, so partnered up with the diminutive duo of fellowship runners – Turkey Leg & Purple Haze.  Both can run quite well; however, while YHC did called exercises they moseyed about 40-50 yards behind the rest of the pax.  Some partners!

P1 runs 72 yards down & back while P2 did called exercise.  Flapjack.  Called exercises were:

H-R Merkins (Had to explain H-R Merkins to Leprechaun; he was doing something akin to exploding merkins.  He was very coachable.)


Jump Squats

Plank hold

Jog over to the pavilion for some people’s chair variations including overhead press and 2 BTW’s and 10 burpees OYO mixed in.

YHC, underscoring the importance of the disclaimer, lost footing on one of the chairs and shredded my left forearm on the pumice stone.  #doasisaynotasido

We then headed around the building to the picnic tables in the hotbox for the following:

Double squat step-up’s x 20; Military Press Incline Merkin x20; Repeato but with 15 reps of each, then 10

Run over to the rockpile for the following:

Overhead press x 13 IC

Teabag squat x 13 IC

Thruster x 13 IC

Run back to launch lot.

6 MoM, including the following…I think:

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

Shoulder Tap Plank x 13 IC

LBC (with a form tutorial, Champagne would have been so proud) x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

6-count burpee x 10 IC

Flutter x 13 IC


COT with takeout prayer from Hammer.  A brief prayer but directly from Psalm 19:14- “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Sundry Observations:

YHC had his feelings hurt when the neighborhood clown car of Lewinsky, Leprechaun and Bugeater failed to extend the invite.

Curd, Smoky Mountain Mauler that he is, was a late HC to Anvil in his first foray out since the weekend’s relay deep in the heart of the Smokies.  Fellow team-member Ickey also back in the gloom for the first time.  Thunder Road also getting back into the gloom this morning after returning yesterday from a visit to his Old Kentucky Home.  T-claps to the lot of you.

Alf was unusually quiet.  Expect more heckling and mumble chatter from you my friend.  Please do better next time.  Grateful, however, that you, Purell, Lorax and Brilleaux didn’t Larry Bird the Q to death.

Site Q McGee actually sent me a reminder Tuesday that I was on Q…..just kidding.  You guys know better.  It was an auto-reminder from Sign-Up Genius.  Speaking of Sign-Up Genius, who’s going to re-EH Go Daddy?!

It really is a good thing for me to Q.  I enjoy it, and sometimes get it right.  And every time I post, I am reminded how much I need you fellas.  So thank you.




PB: 5/28 F3 Memorial Day Convergence + Patriot 5K w/ SPEED FOR NEED

Final Details (Updated 5/25/18)

Here’s the skinny for Memorial day… will keep it short, so you actually read it…. Original preblast on bottom of message.  Looking forward to it men!  We have almost 80 PAX signed up and likely many more will be in attendance post convergence on Monday.  This should be an awesome event and our 8 veterans, all of whom have served our country well in WW2 or Korean War, are pumped to participate and spend the morning with you all!

0630 - 0715   Convergence @ Symphony Park Shell - Checkpoint Q
0730 - ?      Patriot 5K (.5mi from convergence) - F32018 Disc Code
0815          "Extra(1)Mile" Run - FREE (run w/ shovel flags)

- Veterans arrive at race venue at ~0630 (we will be there at 0545). If you are not doing convergence, come welcome them and thank them for their service.
- If you don't want to run the 5K, the Extra Mile 1mile run is FREE and its a moderate pace run for 1 mile.
- If you have been assigned to Drive one of the racing chairs, you should have already gotten a separate email from Tolkien... mandatory training at 0600. Read it.  Didn't? email:
- Bring shovel flags... we will run with them for the Extra Mile for sure, and PAX choice to run with it during the 5K.
- You can sign up on race day for the race, but it will be the most expensive 5K ever. No discount code will apply.  Your choice. #FREE2spendmore$

Other stuff...
- Send best pictures/video post race to
- If you would like to be a Driver in a future race, lots of opportunities to help Q, Drive, or volunteer. Especially for our biggest race of the year, the American 4 Miler on 4th of July, the SFN 1YR Anniversary Race. #BETHERE
- Limited SFN swag sold at the race ($6 SFN Ruck Patches, $25 F3/SFN New Balance shirts or NEW SFN Shirts (UnderArmor).  Buy it at the tent and bring cash or be prepared to PayPal.
Track Commander          Service Branch         F3 Region            Chair             
Gene Blackmon (XL)              Navy                 Rock Hill 1              BLUE                     
Spencer Anderson (XL)          Army                 Rock Hill 2            SILVER                  
Don Hunt (XL)                         Navy                Gastonia                  RED                       
Frank Polito (L)                       Army                Metro 1                    PINK                      
Ed McPoland (L)                     Marines            Metro 2 (CORE)    ORANGE              
John Harris (L)                          Navy                 FORT                   BLACK                  
Dwight “Buzz” Benson (XL)    Air Force           METRO 3          GREEN                  
Fred Peterson (L)                   Coast Guard     Nation                   YELLOW             
Email with questions…. looking forward to amazing day all!
Thanks, Tolkien
P.S. Want the feels before the race? Watch the Veterans in the Charlotte Marathon in our video below…..

Original Preblast Below:

F3 Metro, F3 Area 51, and surrounding F3 Nation Regions !!! Coordinate your clowncars, bring your shovel flags, and lace up your shoes to remember our military veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Save the (modified) murph for another day!  This year F3 Nation has the special honor of escorting 8 WW2, Korean War, and other military veterans in the Patriot Family Festival 5K through SPEED FOR NEED, and they could not be more excited!  Don’t believe me? Well watch some of them in the Charlotte Marathon Relay and see what fun they had being honored.  Veterans Complete CLT26.2 Event Video

Here’s the deal… 0630-0715 Convergence followed by 0730 Patriot 5K followed by an additional “Extra Mile” for our military heroes.  Choose your own adventure for the race: Bring your family and run with them, run with one of the 8 racing chairs (many pace groups: fast, faster, fastest), or run your own race.  But whatever you do make sure to cheer these guys on, and all the other service veterans present, and thank them for their service, as they remember their fallen brothers and sisters with us.  The goal is to have all surrounding Charlotte regions represented, and just a great morning of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  Here is the Event Video from last year… which was a great event: 2017 Convergenge and Patriot 5K


RACE EVENT: F3 Nation Convergence & Patriot Festival Go the Extra Mile 5K

WHO:       F3 Metro, F3 Area51 & surrounding F3 Nation Regions (driving distance from Southpark)

WHAT:     F3 Nation Convergence, followed by Patriot Festival 5K, followed by Extra Mile for heroes

WHEN:   Monday, May 28th 2018 / 0630-0715 Convergence / 0730 Patriot 5K

WHERE: next to South Park Mall / 2101 Rexford Road, Charlotte NC 28211 (parking lot at The Esplanade Building)

WHY:      Memorial Day is a day where we remember our armed service veterans who died for our freedom.  And celebrate those who have served our great country.


TEAM:     F3 / SPEED FOR NEED (Disc Code: F32018) . Price is $30 before code and goes up on 4/30



Questions? Message me @ JRRTOLKIENF3

See You all out there Memorial Day!

JRR Tolkien