Looking For A Jam

Looking For A Jam

9 PAX ran the Reverse Flat Branch route, while 1 PAX took a short cut trying to catch up to them in the latest episode of Blakovery.


Run up Rea Rd in the direction of 485, left on Demaine Drive, then right on Elrose Place, past the traffic circle then make a right on Gander Drive.  Left on Parks Farm Rd, right on Blakeney Health, right on Elm, right on Willams Pond Rd, cross of Rea Rd and make a right onto Provincetown Dr. A long stretch until Lancken Dr., then right on Bryant Farms Rd., left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Darcy Hopkins until reaching Alma Blount and make a left.  Wind through Blakeney Greens and back to launch for stretching led by Paper Jam.


It was apparent from the beginning that folks were eager to run this morning. Bratwurst arrived 5 minutes early to confuse everyone.   Wingman, El Guapo and Hoot darted quickly ahead. Picasso, who was dressed for summer, had no side effects from the weekend to slow him down, and kept up with all of them.  Even JRR Tolkein left me in the dust.

By the time I reached Elm, it was determined that an adjustment would have to be made. Since this is my hood, I knew there were two short cut options to catch up to the other recovery runners. I made a detour down Rea Rd and darted into the Ravenscrest subdivision with the goal of meeting the rest of the crew at the corner of Bryant Farms and Dennington. It wasn’t too long before I heard foot steps coming up fast behind me. It was Bratwurst.  Eventually I was able to rejoin the group and help them avoid going down a wrong road.

One of the tenants of F3: leaving no man behind…even when he ventures out on another route.

It makes me appreciate the bond that we have created in F3 Nation.

Another great Monday.

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