Staying Upwind of the PAX

Staying Upwind of the PAX

It was a very nice morning to get out to workout this morning.  We had 5 PAX show up for the Arsenal in Indian Land and 2 of those pre-ran a modified route from normal.  General and I got a little more than a 5k before the main event.  3 more PAX joined us back in the parking lot in front of the school.

The Thang

Warmup mosey around the parking lot

-SSH, mountain climbers, imperial walker, hillbilly walker, windmill, Moroccan nightclub

-Mosey back to the cars to grab a couple of sandbags and mosey to the middle school

Drop the sandbags in front of the middle school and did ATMs (20 cadence Alternating shoulder taps, 10 Tempo Merkins (1, 2, 3 slow count down, 4 up), 10 Merkins (fast count). Switch who carries the sandbags and mosey over to the high school parking lot.

5 station workout with timer

Round 1 – merkins, squats with sandbag, burpees, diamond merkins, sandbag carry across parking lot (timer)

All PAX completed one round of each exercise.

Round 2 – Carolina dry-docks, up-right rows with sandbag, lunges, merkins, sandbag carry across parking lot (timer)

Drop the sandbags and do a couple rounds of the Bataan Death March.  PAX are doing an Indian run with the last guy doing a called exercise (5 merkins) and then catch the rest of the PAX and then the new guy in the back drops and does the exercise.  Continue until all PAX complete the exercise.  We then did one more round with 5 diamond merkins as the exercise.

Pick up the sandbags and head over to the playground

Another 5 station workout with the timer being a lap around the playground

– pull ups, up-right rows with sandbag, Carolina dry-docks, squats with sandbag, run

We then did pull-ups and lunges beginning at 10 and decreased by two each round until down to 2 count.  Back to COT.


The goal today quickly became apparent as the PAX warmed up and a symphony of gas induced horns began to sound.  Apparently both General and Doc Mcstuffins had some interesting meals last night.  However, the PAX still were able to put in a good effort this morning despite the added fragrance in the air.  When it was Cheddars turn to carry a sandbag, he looked at it for a while.  I guess judging wither or not it was safe to touch.  He overcame his initial fear and did quite well. Doc Mcstuffins showed us how to run with a sandbag as he blazed back and forth across the parking lot.  To finish off the morning, One Niner gave us some personal information to preemptively excuse his absence in the coming weeks.  Anyway, thanks to all for sticking with me this morning.  I really appreciate the opportunity to Q.  My first year with F3 has been great!

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