Ballistic and Grind

Ballistic and Grind

With Amazon tunes rocking and boiler-plate disclosure given, YHC got things moving:

20IC – SSH
20IC – IW
2IC – Merkins
10IC – LSS

Main Thang

Partner up, round 1: Ballistic
P1 does listed exercise, P2 does Merkins, holds plank, or recovers

1. 50 2-hand Swing
2. 25 R Snatch/ 25 L Snatch
3. 25 R High-pull/ 25 L High-pull
4. BOTH PARTNERS TOGETHER: Alternating swing, 200 total

Waiter carry to school, switch arm and return on track Go to playground.
11s: Pull-up/ Viking Push Press (R+L=1)  TIME! somewhere around the 7/4 range

Suitcase carry R back to school, switch to L and return to parking lot

Partner up, round 2: Grinds
Light/high to heavy/low reps
20, 10, 5 and 1 (5-count down/5-count up) of the following.
Partner does Mary or recovers.
Weight should be 50%max/75%/90%/MAX

1. Racked Squat
2. Upright Row
3. Curl
4. Tricep Extension




Sign up to Q Meathead – ping Voodoo

Tai Chi version of Gumby this coming Wednesday, bring your own sword

Gear Order coming up – ping High Tide


Hope all got a good beatdown this morning.  The goal was ballistic for more cardio in the beginning, then intermission with some pullups and silliness, then grinds at the end to get properly pumped.  Grinds are much easier in a gym with the full range of bars and dumbbells, but since we were only doing a few sets, it worked out (IMHO).  11s for pullups and Viking Salutes was a bad idea, I admit it.  We’ll do 7’s next time.

After the question was raised, I had to look it up:  Good banter ensued.

Thanks for the prompt from Voodoo to Q.  And thanks for the rest of you following along with my suggestions (mostly).


Today’s edition of Meathead is sponsored by a grant from the Center for Cultural Sensitivity.

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VoodooPosted on8:49 pm - Apr 26, 2018

Great job, Swiss Miss. That was a (mostly) enjoyable beatdown and you followed it up with a very thorough, prompt backblast. I liked the little head fake with the 2 merkins IC during the warm up. We should have known you were saving them for something better.

I have heard of the Viking salute, but never performed it. That will definitely take some work to figure out. I was happy you bailed on it when you did or I’d still be out there.

It must be getting warmer because this was a big crowd at Meathead. I hope you keep coming back.

As Swiss Miss mentioned above, I’m looking for Qs. Hit me up if you have a date in mind, otherwise I’ll just start assigning them.

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