Less than 2 miles? What is this?!

Less than 2 miles? What is this?!

Wherefore art thou Shovel Flag?  Under the somewhat approving eyes of our N’antan – YHC delivered an average disclaimer and 16 men launched into the humpday gloom at Anvil.  Runstopper fully secured the morning’s LIFO title and joined us as we circled around for him.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

The pax ran over to the front of the gym building for COP and did the following:

Slow squat x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC; Had to remind some of the pax to match my cadence count; if I were naming names I would list Snuka as one of the offenders….

Slow flutter x 20 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x 20 IC

Mosey to the adjacent lot nearest Rt. 51.  Partner Up.

YHC, as is the fate of all Q’s, was without a partner with the odd #, so partnered up with the diminutive duo of fellowship runners – Turkey Leg & Purple Haze.  Both can run quite well; however, while YHC did called exercises they moseyed about 40-50 yards behind the rest of the pax.  Some partners!

P1 runs 72 yards down & back while P2 did called exercise.  Flapjack.  Called exercises were:

H-R Merkins (Had to explain H-R Merkins to Leprechaun; he was doing something akin to exploding merkins.  He was very coachable.)


Jump Squats

Plank hold

Jog over to the pavilion for some people’s chair variations including overhead press and 2 BTW’s and 10 burpees OYO mixed in.

YHC, underscoring the importance of the disclaimer, lost footing on one of the chairs and shredded my left forearm on the pumice stone.  #doasisaynotasido

We then headed around the building to the picnic tables in the hotbox for the following:

Double squat step-up’s x 20; Military Press Incline Merkin x20; Repeato but with 15 reps of each, then 10

Run over to the rockpile for the following:

Overhead press x 13 IC

Teabag squat x 13 IC

Thruster x 13 IC

Run back to launch lot.

6 MoM, including the following…I think:

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

Shoulder Tap Plank x 13 IC

LBC (with a form tutorial, Champagne would have been so proud) x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

6-count burpee x 10 IC

Flutter x 13 IC


COT with takeout prayer from Hammer.  A brief prayer but directly from Psalm 19:14- “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Sundry Observations:

YHC had his feelings hurt when the neighborhood clown car of Lewinsky, Leprechaun and Bugeater failed to extend the invite.

Curd, Smoky Mountain Mauler that he is, was a late HC to Anvil in his first foray out since the weekend’s relay deep in the heart of the Smokies.  Fellow team-member Ickey also back in the gloom for the first time.  Thunder Road also getting back into the gloom this morning after returning yesterday from a visit to his Old Kentucky Home.  T-claps to the lot of you.

Alf was unusually quiet.  Expect more heckling and mumble chatter from you my friend.  Please do better next time.  Grateful, however, that you, Purell, Lorax and Brilleaux didn’t Larry Bird the Q to death.

Site Q McGee actually sent me a reminder Tuesday that I was on Q…..just kidding.  You guys know better.  It was an auto-reminder from Sign-Up Genius.  Speaking of Sign-Up Genius, who’s going to re-EH Go Daddy?!

It really is a good thing for me to Q.  I enjoy it, and sometimes get it right.  And every time I post, I am reminded how much I need you fellas.  So thank you.




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BugeaterPosted on3:25 pm - Apr 25, 2018

As clown car lead I blissfully plead ignorance. Had said clown car lead had intel of the Anvil Q leadership for the day, I may have strongly considered extending you a ticket to the bugeater clown car. They are tough tickets to get. I can pick you up today and drive you around for a bit if that would make up for it.

MermaidPosted on6:05 pm - Apr 25, 2018

Solid disclaimer and, like Bugeater says above, great old school bootcamp workout. Needed that after posting, and Q’ing, Fast Twitch after the long hiatus. Always (mostly) enjoy a Hops beatdown. Good to see Curd and Ickey back to Anvil. Runstopper indeed came in on two wheels, overdressed, of course. Glad to see Alf back after convalescing for a week or two. Where was Rachel?

High TidePosted on1:35 pm - Apr 26, 2018

Drive-by comments:
What’s a shovel flag?
What’s an old-school bootcamp?
I haven’t seen much of either in the past few years…
Thanks for bring back the OSB. Good luck finding a SF.

AlfPosted on2:32 pm - Apr 26, 2018

Hops – My apologies for the lack of mumble chatter. Maybe I was quiet because you were killing it and I didn’t want to mess with your flow… Maybe I was quiet because you were struggling with the Q and I didn’t want to pile on… Who knows?

I will admit to feeling the double squat step up thing-a-ma-bob this morning. That’s a keeper.

I’ll bring more chatter for your next Q!


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