Voice Recording #14

Voice Recording #14

I got the request to fill in on Wednesday from Horsehead who is battling influenza.  Supposedly.  I haven’t posted at Kevlar in awhile so I was pleased to take on the Q.  I decided not to bring the firehose because I didn’t want to wear out their welcome.  Here is what we did.

Mosey around the back of the church back up to the front parking lot and circle up.

20 x SSH

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

Line up and run down and back each parking lot row and 10 merkins at each sidewalk.  Not road, curb, etc, sidewalk.  It was very hard for people to comprehend.

Once everyone completed, partner up, and wheelbarrow up the stairs and across the walkway on one of the new additions.  Each partner takes a turn.

Mosey across church parking lot to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Head back down to the front of the church.  Line up.

Rock work suicides.

Run to each median and back to rock.  20 x curl in between each.  Repeat with 20 x tricep extension and then 20 x shoulder press.  We through in several rounds of lunges across the handicap spaces to kill time, but also to work the legs since today’s workout was mostly upper body.

Take the rock back, and mosey to the cars.  Circle up for 50 x LBC, and 10 x can opener on each leg.

Moleskin:  Backblast was late because the M left Saturday morning to go out of town for 5 days, and I can’t multitask.  I had a few observations. Witch Doctor is a professional lunger.  Bulldog has short arms and can’t extend them all the way up for IWs.  Cage has done a great job getting stronger and pushed himself hard all morning.  Orangewhip and Rhapsody need to be audited next time there are exercises that involve counting.  Cottontail was kicking some butt after not posting much and he certainly made the best of the workout.  Thanks for letting me lead Faultline and Orangewhip.

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