Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd

3 pax enjoyed a soggy trip around Charlotte Latin on a rainy morning.  Site Q’s were nowhere to be found.

Started off with just two pax (YHC and HIPAA) but McGee soon joined (after he came in late and parked his car on the opposite side of campus).  He somehow found us.

Run to track and do about 3/4 of a lap breaking off onto the 50-yard line.

4 corners (I know… a track doesn’t have corners).  Do 20 of each exercise at a corner of the track with 10 wide-arm merkins at the 50-yard line between exercise.  Exercises were Jump Squats, LBCs, Lunges (10 each leg) and CDDs.  2 two rounds of this.

Next we headed to the rock pile.  If we’d had more than 3 pax, we would’ve picked up a rock and done a partner CMIYC up to the shed above SwimMAC (to try to stay somewhat dry).  Instead, we all grabbed a rock and moseyed up there.

At the shed, do 20 dips and 20 derkins.  Grab rock and do 20 bicep curls then take a lap around the circle out front.  Then overhead press and lap.  Then tricep extension and lap.  Repeat this circuit twice.

Grab rock and head back to rock pile.  Grab a piece of the wall right next to rock pile for wall sits and 50 civilian count arm raises.

We have a few minutes left so McGee suggest a lap around the track.  Sounds good.

Head back to the launch with a stop under a nice dry pavilion for some Mary.  15 Dolly, 15 Rosalita, 15 Flutter and some protractor.  Then, with a few minutes to kill, some Jack Webb (up to 5 then back to down 1).  Q Fail on the counting here.

Head back to launch to join the FT pax.  Done.


I arrived at Charlotte Latin around 5:15 am on this extra gloomy morning wondering how many pax would eventually join me.  Fast Twitch seemed to have 15 or so pax so surely some Hawks Nest folks would arrive soon.  5:27 am and I’m still the only one there.  This may be a solo workout.  In comes HIPAA to make sure that I’m not creepily running through CL campus alone.  Glad to have the company.  Then we picked up McGee on the way to the track.  Glad he joined as well (after 10 minutes of staring at the sky in his driveway wondering if rain would stop, he finally came to CL albeit a few minutes late).

Great 2nd F today.   Thanks for coming out guys.  Weather reports have not been looking good the last couple days so I knew attendance would be down.  Glad that we got a slight break in the rain (just a little mist) but like McGee said, once you start working out, you don’t notice the rain anymore.


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