The Boot Loop

The Boot Loop

Solid crew of 13 posted in what were expected to be nasty conditions.  Not the case, the weather could not have been more comfortable.  Light rain at times with some light wind to cool us down.  58 and rain is about as good as it gets.  Disclaimer provided to the pax and included the fact that the QIC has not done any real running aside from bootcamps in several months.  Circled up where we stood.



SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Sub-8 mosey down Raintree Lane.  Left on Whitethorn.  Continue to corner of Whitethorne and 4 Mile Creek.

Circle back for six.  Merkin x 15 IC

OYO pace from corner to Raintree/Windbluff.  Circle back for six.

Flutter x 30 IC/5 Hand-Release Burpees

OYO to Raintree/51.  Circle back for six.

Flutter x 30 IC.

OYO pace to 51/Providence.  Circle back for the six.

Can’t recall the exercise done here, but we did one.

AYG pace on Providence to Windbluff.  Short segment.

Romanian Deadlift x 10 IC Right/Left

AYG to stop light at bottom of Providence hill.

OYO pace up the hill to Raintree Lane.


Mosey through campus over to parking lot between launch and SwimMAC.

AYG sprints to close it out x 4.  Approx 80 yards.

Mosey back to launch with a few minor detours.  Still learning the campus.



Haze put me on the calendar prior to vacating site-Q duties.  Told YHC it was time to get back out to Fast Twitch.  That was in January or February.  YHC has been dealing with foot issues in 2018 and running has been put on the banned list.  Well, running several miles on paved surfaces, anyways.

How soon we (YHC) forget about the pain the hills of Raintree can inflict.  Initial mosey felt great.  The initial hill not so much.  The six mentioned above was YHC for each segment.  Appreciate the gazelles circling back.  Not sure I ran any faster, but had company.

Usuals up front.  Purell, Thin Mint, Rachel, Lorax.  Speaking of Thin Mint, glad to see him at Fast Twitch.  Mentioned that he was trying to break out of his unintentional routine that he had set in motion.  Uncle Rico, Fastro, Margo, Semi, Gummy, Fault Line all getting after it.  Well done today men.

Aside from the a## kicking YHC endured, it was great to get out to Fast Twitch again.  Been too long.  Appreciate the invite to lead.

The Strava looks like a boot, very similar to what Italy looks like on a map.


Jennings Palmer continues to fight to accept his new bone marrow cells.  Reports indicate he is doing as expected.  Please continue to pray for him and the Palmer family.  If you would like to do more, they are in need of some items on this Amazon Wish List

Beer Mile 05/11/2018.  Gummy is your man for this completely unsanctioned event.

05/11/2018: FNG Day at Cerberus.  Grab an FNG and bring him out.  Coffee to follow.  Thin Mint is your contact should you need more information.

A51 Annual Memorial Day Workout.  05/26/2018.  Details to follow.  Prohibition and Haze are the workout Q’s.  This is always a special workout.  Get it on the calendar.

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GummyPosted on5:57 pm - Apr 24, 2018

A sub-8 “warmup” will definitely take it out of you for the remainder of the workout. Fast Twitch Qs – you can’t let those skinny guys up front bully you into a fast warm up. An 8-min mile is like walking to them. Pro pointed out that it looked like Lorax was drinking an espresso while they all did their “look how much I can talk while I run” thing. He does favor the frenchman from Talledega Nights.

Otherwise, I’m a fan of the interval workout at Fast Twitch. Let the fast guys do their thing then come back for the six. I considered the intra-interval exercises optional and used that as stand-around-and-recover time.

Other highlights:
– Semi almost died on the Providence hill. Save some for the finish big guy.
– Astro wore a toboggan and sleeves (maybe pants and gloves?) in 60 degree weather.
– Purell was still fresh at the end. Probably the calf sleeves.
– Uncle Rico is a great nickname. How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Beer mile (beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap) is on Friday, May 11. Tentatively 6:30pm at SCMS. Go ahead and get your hall pass. Join the Slack Channel #beermile.

ProhibitionPosted on3:20 am - Apr 25, 2018

Excellent leadership as always, Mermaid. #inspiring #dasboot

BugeaterPosted on2:58 pm - Apr 25, 2018

Thanks mermaid for sharing the Jennings Palmer update and announcement. I have sent them a bunch of items they should have by weekend. There is a bunch more, hopefully pax can jump in. Lots of little stuff too. Easy to contribute in their time of need.

As far as Fast Twitch goes, my legs and lungs, not ready for that kind of treatment. But I will be back…

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