Cinder Track, Cinder Block, Cinder Suck!

Cinder Track, Cinder Block, Cinder Suck!

Eight DMZ stalwarts disregarded the weather forecast and were “rewarded” with VIP admission to the club:

20 Merkins IC to wait on any stragglers, such as Swiper

Fast mosey south~1/2 mile then hard right and plank on the 6. Keep going another ~.7 and enter the club, bypass the velvet ropes, LBCs and Flutter on the 6

Run some four corners:

10 Pullups, 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins, 10 Burpees, 15 Double Fist Sumo Jump Squats

Repeat circuit until time called (I think everybody got 3+ circuits)

Indian run out to the first decent hill

Alternate 10 Chest-to-Hand (C2H) Diamonds, 10 WWII Situps at each lamppost on the way out to Carmel. (about 60 of each), plank on the 6

Resume Indian run and pick up the pace to get back to the breezeway

Surprise coupon segment, grab a block:

Squat x10 IC – Run to bottom of south lot and back

Military Press x10 IC – same run

Thruster x10 IC – same run

Snatch x20 OYO – Done

There were no announcements and Snowflake took us out


  • Worth running 1.2 miles to get to some decent pullup bars? – yes I say
  • There was an entirely separate 0.0 Weinke ready in case the potential monsoon had really happened, that’s what the blocks were really for – but made for a nice (i.e., terrible) finisher after today’s 3.2
  • I completely forgot to announce next week’s guest Q – Checkpoint. Don’t miss this all-around HIM’s turn at the DMZ helm
  • Thanks to the pax for helping get the blocks loaded back up
  • Honored to lead this group – great effort from all

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