This Could Be The Whole Workout

This Could Be The Whole Workout

10 men arrived at Brazwells this morning unsure of who the Q would be but ready to get down to work as we do at The Brave every week


Thin Mint – 1st Half

  • Run up BCP to Ballantyne Country Club entrance
  • Enter BCC and stop at Lederer and Ballantyne Country Club Drive for COP
    • 10 IW in cadence
    • 10 Windmill in cadence
    • Enough warmup
  • Long distance suicide running up BCC Drive, using the speed bumps as targets
    • When you are running out, run straight to your target speed bump (1st one 1st time, 2nd one next time, suicide style) and do 10 burpees
    • Then come back. On the way back, stop at every bump and at the start for 10 merkins
    • Goal was to get to the 6th bump by the clubhouse. Audible after 3rd bump to bring the suicide back down to the 2nd, then the 1st again, done
  • Quick mosey back across BCP to the basement of Room 101

Mario – 2nd Half

  • Stair suicide
    • Up all stairs to 8th floor and back down
    • Up to 7th and back
    • Repeat until done
  • Mary – Box Cutters, Flutters
  • AYG up the decks to the top floor
  • Wall sit
  • Back down the steps
  • Mary – Slow Windshield Wipers, Leg Lifts
  • Up stairs to the 8th floor then meet on the 3rd
  • AYG back to launch
  • Crazy Mary type sit up, leg lift, touch your toe, alternating, coordination thing



Mr. Bean had to pull out of his Q this morning due to IR. Apparently, he injured his hands doing so much spam marketing for The Fishing Hole and wasn’t prepped for a Brave Q. Lucky for us, he will be Qing in 2 weeks on 5/4 which is also his 4 year anniversary of F3. Probably don’t want to miss that. MT complained commented early (last night) that he was expecting an AMRAP — then he didn’t show to find out it wasn’t. The PAX were instructed to give him plenty of crap for fartsacking or going somewhere easier else, until YHC noticed a message from 0430 this morning that he wasn’t feeling well. All is forgiven. See you next Friday.

Always great having a Site FNG come try his mettle at The Brave. One Niner even stopped me at one point to ask who the heck was that guy giving Frasier a run for his money on the speed bump suicide. Yep, that’s Purell, making all most of us feel slow.

The goal was originally to get all 6 bumps in, but it quickly became obvious that this was not going to happen while still giving Mario his 2nd half of the Q. According to Haggis, YHC had a shit-eating grin on his face when announcing the suicide and it was as fun as it sounded. Frasier commented, accurately, that all 6 bumps could be the whole workout and we will definitely have to give this a go one day and see if anyone can get it done. My money is on Rachel. He was steadily making up ground on our 2 rabbits and would have taken them given a little time.

The stairsĀ sucked, as always. We even had a refusenik, who turned into two, then 4 by the time the last trip up the stairs was called. They still ran, just not the stairs. Mario has been learning some new Mary moves lately, it seems. My abs hurt more than my legs at the moment which says something considering we got between 5 and 6 hilly miles.

Another tough morning at The Brave with no six left behind. Hope to see some more Site FNGs next week.



  • Dads and 2.0s camping at Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw tonight. Bring a tent and some food. Super cheap. Contact Frasier for details and come for one or two nights.
  • FNG/Kotter day at Cerberus on 5/11. If you have a new guy you have been thinking to EH or know a guy who hasn’t been out in a while, this is the event to bring him to.
  • Q101 on Saturday 5/26 at The Vine. More details to come.

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MarioPosted on12:33 pm - Apr 20, 2018

This was way better than what I would’ve wrote. I probably would’ve mentioned that Tolkien didn’t show up šŸ˜‚

PurellPosted on3:05 pm - Apr 20, 2018

Talk about baptism by fire at The Brave. I never thought I would view merkins as recovery until today. Great Q(s), thanks for the warm welcome and I will be back!

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