Hydra – 4/19

Hydra – 4/19

My first time Q at Hydra today and I was welcomed by 13 brave men on a beautiful spring morning.  Quiet crew overall…heard some chatter from of the heathen bama fans in the group and some reminders that exercises are “optional”, but no complaints about the weather.  Goal was to make us all sore.  Worked for me.

The Thang:

  •         Standard warm up with 20 reps of SSH, Imperial Walker (wheelhouse), Mountain Climber and Low Slow Squat.
  •         Warm up lap through the hood
  •         75% sprint across football field with 20 merkins on one end and 20 jump squats on the other

o   Repeat X 5

  •         Max set of merkins…Bulldog did 7
  •         Moved to playground and partner up

o   50 Pull Ups combined with partner

o   LBC while you wait your turn

  •         Run across the street to the church parking lot…pick up a lifting rock and partner up

o   2 rounds of shoulder press while partner runs parking lot loop

o   2 rounds of curls while partner runs loop

o   Straight arm shoulder raises X50 with partner

  •         Back across street to school to the track

o   1 lap with 20 merkin / 20 jump squats at the “corners”

·         To the parking lot and circle up for Mary

o   20 X Flutter

o   20 X Dolly

o   20 X Freddie Mercury

o   20 X Slow LBC


Until next time…


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