Hanging Around in Waverly

Hanging Around in Waverly


16 bros chose Waverly for the three headed panda workout called Cerberus.  We focused on grip strength and abs, using some less commonly used F3 exercises, and threw in some sprints just to make McGee feel good about himself. Congrats on smoking the 40+ year olds young fella.  3 miles were covered.


We did stuff…. whoever attended knows, and the rest… well, show to know! Here’s some of what we did:

  • Merkin up/down cadence ladder on the artificial grass pet pee-pad in front of Co
    • #35:  5reg / 5wide / 5diamond / 5R-hand fwd / 5L-hand fwd / 5R-leg up / 5L-leg Up
  • 3 sets of Bulgarian split squats, 10 each side
  • In deck, 5 rounds: dead-hangs exercises on overhead cement ledge, then race around the deck level.
  • In deck, 5 rounds: 10 dragon flag ab lifts… for proper form watch this: https://youtu.be/_mf_TLDVwIs
  • Top of deck, 2 rounds of alternating hip slappers on the top wall.
  • In deck, challenge longest dead-hang on overhead cement ledge
  • Series of AYG sprints outside, until we got back to launch
  • Finito!


After attending the launch, YHC was excited about the new Waverly AO and was excited to Q Cerberus for the first time.  The opportunity arose when Argonaut asked for Q’s a few weeks back.  Too bad Menchi’s isn’t open that early for some salted caramel soft-serve and infinite mixins!

Couple of musings, before work duty calls…

  • Doc McStuffins held his own <weight> on the parking garage ledge hangs. But not enough to take down Cottonmouth in the main event.  YHC got him once or twice… but who’s counting. He’s still the BROlympics Dead-Hang Champ until 2019, even with his cheating ginormous mits.
  • Yes, Nutter Butter (somewhat of a Frasier lookalike) was there for those of you looking at me funny when YHC asked him to 10-count.  It’s ok… YHC is used to funny looks, and looking funny.
  • No, it’s not Lazy Boy’s birthday yet, he’s still 49.  But thanks for making us do 50 reps of some exercises because of the supposed 50th birthday Cottonmouth.
  • Good to see BillyGoat back from a back injury. Not only did he pre-run but he lifted all 54lbs of Turkey Leg to reach the pull-up ledge.
  • Turkey Leg showed no ill-effects after crushing the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Sneaky guy found a way to ask me what my Kiawah Marathon time was(my PR), and wink at me that his 3:17 on a hillier course in the rain > my 3:16. Well played little guy.
  • Mentioning UFC rules on Slack, Mighty Mite showed up ready for a battle with YHC, but backed down when YHC mentioned he would get beat like a drum with my Shaolin Monk skillz.  You too can develop those skillz by watching the instructional video:  https://youtu.be/dTxMvMdRR-I
  • Always great to meet different F3 men, or men YHC hasn’t posted with in some time.  Nice meeting / seeing you Astro, One Star, Schmedium, CottonMouth, Zeke Face, Good Hands, Lazy Boy, Nutter Butter and thanks for coming today.


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Have a Great weekend men.
SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

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