WBTV. Wednesday Broga Temps Valhalla

WBTV. Wednesday Broga Temps Valhalla

Started with devotion. Famous speech from Theodore Roosevelt “a man in the arena.”

Child pose, table top, puppy dog, table top, cat/cow

Down dog, 3 legged dog, low lunge, high lunge, warrior 2, peaceful warrior, extended warrior, triangle, crescent, half angel, down dog.
5 sun salutations on your own

Chair pose, revolved chair, mountain, crescent lunge, star pose, low lunge, half camel, mountain.
Plank, cobra pose, locusts pose, down dog, pigeons pose, butterfly, corpse.


Introduced new pose of locusts. Daring, but we got they it. Always good when you break a sweat stretching!

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AlfPosted on4:45 pm - Apr 19, 2018

Nice work Cocktail. My first time out at Gumby – I have a little work to do to catch, it felt good to stretch out for the first time in, I don’t know, 5 years.

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