Glad to pull in and see Tagalong placing the actual shovel flag firmly in the terra firma.  She was waving proudly.  A few pre-runners.  Bunker, Enron, Gumbo, Frasier, perhaps.  Dark and difficult to see across lot as they came in.  Rest of the crew arrived by vehicle.  YHC disclaimed the group and we took off.  YHC mentioned the real shovel flag, right?  That should be a thing.

Mosey past the movie theatre front doors and into the lot in front of Jersey Mike’s in the general vicinity of where Smoke used to be.  Last time YHC Q’d at Stonecrest, COP was completed with the sumptuous smell of BBQ wafting through the air.  A thing of beauty that is no more.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Smurf Jack x 10 IC

Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Mosey up to Elm.  Hang a right, then a left on Elmstone, aka, Murderhorn.  Continue mosey to Elmstone Park rock pile.  Grab the biggest lifting rock you can handle.

Rock Set

Civilian cadence.  Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Rockee x 10 OYO

AYG up Murderhorn to 2nd street light on the right.  Mosey back.

Rock Set

Curl x 10/OH Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Repeat/10 Rockees OYO

AYG to 1st street light and back to rocks.

Rock Mary 

Rock stays pressed above chest.  Feet stay up.

Flutter x 10 IC/Dolly x 10 IC/LBC x 10 IC/Chest Press x 10 IC/Hold/5 Rockees OYO

Mosey up Murderhorn.  Stop at each street light and complete 10 Merkin OYO.  Stop at Thorncrest.

Plank-o-rama.  RAH/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/6 inches/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/10 Count.

Rosebriar Loops

AYG Clockwise around Rosebriar.  Stop at each of 3 islands.

Loop 1- 5 Hand-Release Burpees

Loop 2- 10 Heels to Heaven

Burpees to wait for the six.

Mosey across Elm to Launch Lot.  Circle up.


Freddie Mercury x 10 IC.  Hold 6 inches.

Flutter x 50 IC.  Hold.

Dolly x 30 IC.  Flip over to High Plank.

Merkin x 10 IC.

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10

Alternating Rib Shots x 10

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10



Right out of the gate in the initial mosey, Haze started providing motivating chatter (aka, Talking Smack) to Frasier.  Haze was out in front of Frasier and seemed to think he could stay there throughout the workout.  Very bold statement, IMO, but, Haze has been crushing the runs lately.  He is in good shape and regularly out front.  The head to head competition played out like this, to the best of my memory:

Mosey to COP: Frasier

1st AYG to 2nd Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze

2nd AYG to 1st Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze, by a horsehair with Frasier closing fast.

Merkin Mosey up Murderhorn: Tie

1st Rosebriar loop: Frasier

2nd Rosebriar Loop: Frasier

Mosey back to launch: Haze

Todays’s champ: Haze

YHC appreciates the motivating chatter this morning.  This is why we get up in the morning, and, why we get better.  You get faster by running with faster men.  Encourage the guy next to you.  Better yet, challenge him.  Disclaimer: above results unofficial and subject to audit by any and all pax present.

Wingman showed some fast twitch on the AYG runs and up Murderhorn.  No Show and Bunker as well.  Group stayed together for the most part.  Glad to meet Zekeface.  He had to explain the name.  Now I get it.  Strong work out there today men.  Thanks for the invitation to Q a fine group of hard-working men.


Camping at Cane Creek.  F3 Dads.  Friday and Saturday nights this week.  See camping channel in Slack or hit up Frasier for details.  We have 3 campsites reserved.

Day Zero: Song, Scripture, and Prayer for Jennings Palmer.  04/19/2018 at 7:30 at RTS Charlotte Chapel.  2101 Carmel Road.  All are welcome.  Jennings is receiving a bone marrow transplant to help treat his leukemia.



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