It’s always sunny in Stallings

It’s always sunny in Stallings

Rain snow sleet or hail… it does not matter to BullWinkle or I.. in fact, for some crazy reason, BW typically comes out in the worst weather possible: so, I was surprised to see him this morning when the weather was so amazing for F3 standards, but glad he posted to hold me accountable today.

(52 degrees, low humidity, and cloudless morning allowing YHC to enjoy seeing the dawn stars)

Limited audience this morning for a partner workout made it really quick and easy to explain what was going to take place.  Called out the Disclaimer and we took off on a Circuit workout geared to enable all fitness levels the ability to push themselves as well as partnering up to create accountability.

Together, Bullwinkle and YHC completed 5 laps of the below circuit around Stalling Elementary School for a total of 2.04 miles.

The Thang: (LBCs as the 6 hold exercise vs plank… I really dislike planks)
Station 1:
15 dips at the outside lunch room tables (Run to next station)

Station 2:
15 partner leg throws (doing you best to ensure your feet do not touch the ground through entire set) (Run to next station)

Station 3:
Catch your breath with a People’s chair up against back wall with 15 civilian count air presses (Run to next station)

Station 4:
15 WW2 sit-ups at front left corner of school (Run to next station)

Station 5:
Plank walk hand-over-hand down 2 curb sections straight into 10 burpees at front entry of school. (Run to next station)

Rinse and repeat until 6:10am

Like all other AOs I am sure the challenges at Conviction are the same.  As the Q, creating a Boot Camp beat down ahead of time that can accommodate an unknown number of variables from weather, to PAX size, to PAX condition, to last minute AO modifications.  Yet at the end of the Boot Camp, no matter what, as a Q or Site Q’s you make sure to have left no man behind, challenge leaders to push themselves just a little bit harder, strengthened our shield bonds, and always end with the COT.  As an F3 gypsy, YHC has been to 6 different Regions this year and I can tell you that all the Regions have their own flavor of COT.  However, I have recently seen some AOs that have decided to “Skip” this part and F1 until the last minute.  After church this past Sunday, YHC had an excellent conversation with Dredd and Borland on the foundations of the COT to conclude the F3 workouts that I wish I could have recorded. (to sum it up for you)  As leaders, we need to make sure we are not reinforcing this action.  The foundation of Fellowship and Faith are part of the 3-legged stool that make up the 3 F’s for us.  If you are allowing just F1 at your AO then you need to ask yourself why and it may be a good time to review the Foundations of F3.  Here you go… I will help you with the link:

MAJOR T-CLAPs to BullWinkle today on pushing himself through the Leg throws. You killed it brother!!!


  • Announcements:
    Union County F2 Happy hour Thursday 4/19/2018: 7pm to 9pm Hickory Tavern, 6400 Weddington Rd, Wesley Chapel NC
  • SPN events are lining up quickly. Visit: to pick a race that is calling to you.  SPN needs F3 and F3 needs SPN.. let’s do it together.  Please reach out to SPN if your locations need training on the Chariots and YHC will do my best to help.
  • Sunday OTB tweet and meet F2 pace Running occurring around the Lack Park City and Stallings area around noonish weekly. (you may end up getting in a conversation about Agony’s weekly message)

See you all in the Gloom real soon!!



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