7 PAX welcomed the 20+ degree weather shift and a Paper Jam Q at Anvil this morning.  A Mermaid inspired disclaimer was provided and we were off. A short mosey over to the South Charlotte Library for:


SSH x 15, flutter x 15, IW x 15, flutter x 15, LSS x 15, flutter x 15


(4) In the parking lot near the front entrance of the library, 4 corners using the traffic island. Diamond Merkins, Regular Merkins, Wide Arm Merkin, Hand Release Merkins. 3 rounds, increasing reps, 10x, 15x, 20x.

(3) Mosey back to Calvary Campus using the sidewalk down Rea Rd and up the driveway to find the rock pile. Divide into teams of 3 for a triangle grinder. Carry the rock a little way to form the triangle.  Station 1: rock curls, Station 2, bench dips in the hot box, Station 3, pull ups at the playground. The group at the rock pile leads the way. Two rounds.

(2) Put the rocks back and mosey to the benches near the main church entrance to work on legs. 2 exercises. Split Squats on Q count (15 reps 2 sets) and Step Ups (10 reps then 15 reps each leg). Then 2 stretches for the hamstrings.

(1) Return to the launch site where each PAX calls 1 exercise of Mary. Finish with 1 round of elbow plank.


This was my first appearance at Anvil in quite some time and may have been my first time Qing at this site.

Lorax fought off the fart sack and end of tax season to post and I “lapped” both Brilleaux and Rachel in a called exercise. The called exercise was a hamstring stretch.  The rest of the morning they were ahead of me.  Good to meet Hammer.  Purell and Snooka killed it as usual.

Thank you Lorax for the take out and I appreciate the opportunity to lead.





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