Thank You For The Blinkie

Thank You For The Blinkie

4 SOBs ignored the high winds, cold weather, and running in the Boston Marathon to post at Blakovery. With Bunker at the helm, we launched towards Ardrey Kell to cover new ground. In case you don’t have a fancy watch, this is where we went:


Run up Ardrey Kell Rd until reaching Lorenzo’s Pizza and make a sharp left turn onto Longstone Lane. Then a left on Sedgemoor Lane, then make a left to cross over Marvin Rd. Go into a different neighborhood and Southhampton Drive. Run for awhile and then make a right onto Highlands Crossing Drive, right onto Commons Crossing Drive, left on Wade Ardrey Rd then right into another neighborhood onto Woodland Watch Ct. Keep on Woodland and make a left on Tamarron Drive, left onto North Community House and right onto Ardrey Kell and back to launch for a quick 5 minutes of stretching.


Bunker executed a PR Q-Jack from Bratwurst the night before. It was either his legendary running ability or his new route that found every long hill in Blakeney that scared off the regular crowd but Strawberry made his Blakovery debut.

Good thing Bunker thought ahead and wore his red blinkie lights so Strawberry and I could still track them 50 yards or so ahead of us.

I can see this being added to our Monday repertoire.

It is tough enough keeping up with the likes of Bunker and Wingman on flat ground let alone hills and valleys. At one point I thought it was Thursday and I was at Devil’s Turn.  I’m just glad I looked up in time to avoid the 10,000 pound back hoe that was parked on the sidewalk.


This morning instead of the traditional prayer, each PAX said one thing he was grateful for. Then, in order to help change our perspective, we thought about something challenging we are facing and silently meditated about how we can be grateful for that rough spot in our life.

I am forever grateful for the Monday runs but more importantly the things I learn each week from the men that post.

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