“Old School” Windbluff

“Old School” Windbluff

Upon learning of my upcoming Q the night before (thanks Alf), I knew I had to stick to what I enjoy and knew best. Despite the new AO, I wanted to go old school FT and hit some Raintree hills. So that’s what we did. After admiring everyone’s winter wear, gloves and hats required at 32 degrees, I gave the disclaimer and off we went, here’s what we did…

Mosey out of the parking lot and turned left to enjoy the brief slight decline followed by the uphill to the 4 way intersection on Raintree Ln and 4 Mile Creek. Circled up for COP: SSH, IW x 20 followed by 10 merkins OYO. Mosey down Raintree to the top of Windbluff. Instructions were to run down Windbluff to Providence and back x2, with 10 merkins on Providence side and 10 jump squats on Raintree side. Be sure to get the six meet back here….go!

Upon completion we moseys back up Raintree to the 4 Mile intersection. Did a quick sprint down to bottom of 4 Mile Creek (500 yards) for 10 merkins then back up. Mosey back toward AO but wait, there’s more. Quick run backwards up Whitethorn Rd. Then AYG back to Latin lot.


Pretty simple yet effective workout. Since I’m lacking any speed, I wanted to stretch the group out, let the gazelles do their thing while the rest of us can tempo the distance. 6.2 miles, not bad. Strong group today. The handful of merkins were enough to please Pop Tart. We learned Purple Haze MUST wear gloves due to his “sensitive fingers”. We were pleased to see Astro daunting his red beanie. I hadn’t seen Uncle Rico in awhile…and only saw him a little on the course, he’s fast! Margo kept me company down the stretch with a strong pace. Good to see Cheese Curd again, but he ditched us early to see if he could be the lucky caller on his favorite morning radio show. Duct Work, One Eye and Retread worked hard, kept the merkins legit. Purell led the squad with Rachel a close second, only because of his unplanned “pit stop” behind the Arbo pond #eww.

Back at the lot we met up with Hawk’s Nest led by Header, another great turnout for that post.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Jennings, Bout’ Time’s 3 year old son, who’s scheduled for his marrow transplant (from his sister) this Thursday. Hug your kids, kiss your spouse, call a family member, be thankful for everything, take nothing for granted.

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